How to Purchase Landlords Contents Insurance Safely

If you’re a landlord, replacing your contents can be costly if you don’t have the proper contents insurance cover. If you follow some specific guidelines for creating your landlord contents insurance policy, contents cover is much easier to find and affordable. Most of those guidelines involve making sure your contents covers, what’s important.

Also, for proper landlords insurance, installed items that are permanently fixed, need to be insured as well as furniture and fixtures.

Here are some tips to follow!

  • Ensure that your policy has cover to include soft furniture and items like beds and carpets, stuff that’s expensive to replace, but essential.
  • To be certain of what’s covered and what’s not covered, we can’t tell you in this article because all insurance companies are different. If the insurance company includes it in their policy, it is covered.
  • Wardrobes, either one that comes out or one that is fixed in place, along with fitted bedroom furniture, must be covered. There is no prescribed limit for how many you have. If your wardrobes are stand-alone, that’s fine. Your insurance company simply needs to know you have the items listed.
  • You’ll need some sort of solution to cover the rent if your property becomes vacant, the perfect solution for this is take a loss of rent policy, which will do the job, just nicely.
  • Take out boiler protection as emergency assistance cover, this is a brilliant add-on for landlords. Emergencies cost money, if you don’t have this policy, good luck with your wallet.

Just as you need this protection, you’ll need to have a minimum level of liability insurance and employee liability if you employ. Landlord insurance does require this for safety or any other purpose, only to show that you do have a fully insured business and not something that is likely to cause you problems.

Cover yourself at all times with these top tips!

Once you’ve finished fitting your furniture, take photos of each of the different bits you’ve installed in such a way that it is clear they are there, and it is clear that they all belong to that property. You can also take pictures of the outside of your house as it comes in handy if you need to make a claim. Most landlord insurance companies require the receipt of purchase, so keep your receipts handy.
By Michael Garcia