Idealism Feels Great, But Pragmatic Idealism Needs To Seek Improvement!: 5 Examples

While, it’s great to be quixotic, unfortunately, it risks achieving, little, unless, one uses down-to-earth idealism, in order, to bring people, together, for the primary good, and achieve a meeting-of-the- minds, rather than bare, biased politics, as usual! It might make certain people, feel good, to center-on, idealism, but, what good, is it, if nothing, of significance, is achieved, because, it does not achieve a necessary accord? In our system of government, where the Congress is, fair, alike- matched, between the two major parties, those, who hold-out, for the unachievable ideal, instead of trying to achieve, what is, hinders genuine progress. With, that in mind, this composition will assay to, elliptically, consider, examine, review, and agitate, 5 exemplars, of this, and why it matters.

  1. Health; health care; convention medicaments Should not the United States, which consider itself, to be the most advanced nation, in the world, deliver the finest health care, and bring a system, where health was considered a precedence, and right, rather than, simply, a appanage, for the fat, and elite? Why do the same, convention medicaments, cost, so much more, in this nation, than in last other evolved nations? Should not the health, and well- being of our citizens, be a precedence, regardless of politics?
    .2. Stable gun safety controls and regulations/ rules/ laws We suffer further gun- related, deaths, in this country, than, utmost of the rest of the free world! How numerous further must die, before we take some measures, to control it? Instead of wrapping-themselves, around the 2nd Emendation (or, their interpretations), and claiming, it’s one’s right to retain a gun, it fails to honor the reality, that Amendment, actually, trained on State Militia’s, and the Planting Fathers, couldn’t have conceived of the status of present’s ordnance! Does not it make sense, there should be, some common sense, gun safety- trained, controls and regulations, and to, at least, regulate these, to the degree we regulate motors, and automobilists (register buses; license automobilists, etc)?
  2. Public health and safety Why should public health, get, a one-sided political issue? After, over 18 months, of this frightful plague, and so legion infections, and deaths, and the scientific corroboration, of the necessary impacts, of vaccinations, why is this one-sided?
    .4. Climate Change When, there’s so eventful documentation, of Climate Change, and nearly all climate scientists/ experts, warns us, we need to address this, sooner, rather than thereafter, and the hardwired imminences, of procrastination, why do we permit some politicians, to deny its corporality, for political gain, and/ or, some particular/ political docket, and/ or, colors- interest? Denying it, will not make it go out!
  3. Environment We can not leave a sustainable earth, to coming generations, unless/ until, we pay keen attention to our clime, especially, clean air and water!
    .It’s not progressive, if your so- called, idealism, interferes, with necessary, realistic, pertinent progress! Demand better and more from your opted officers!
    Richard has possessed businesses, been a Bawl, CEO, Director of Development, adviser, professionally run events, consulted to thousands of leaders, conducted separate development councils, and worked on political juggernauts, for 4 decades.


By Mk Faizi

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