Important Tips in Keeping Hair Healthy While Wearing a Wig or Hairpiece

Ever wanted to transform your look overnight? How about boosting your confidence by having gorgeous locks? There’s an easy way.

Wig it out!

Wigs and hairpieces have become a no-fuss solution to revamping any person’s look and boosting confidence levels in an instant.

From celebrities looking to play a special role, to ordinary folks who use hairpieces as a confidence booster because they are suffering from hair loss, it’s an affordable and safe answer.Of course, like all hair care products. There are proper ways in using them. Find out how to get the most out of hairpieces and also what NOT to do to prevent further damage to hair.

Always go for wigs with nylon netting or anything similar.

This allows hair to breathe. Remember nylon stocking caps as well as cotton damages the hairline and dries out hair. If a hairpiece is worn constantly, seek out the help of a professional to ensure there’s a proper fit. Getting a custom piece is a good investment, especially if it means keeping the hair and scalp healthy.

Massage that scalp!

During wig wear, the scalp receives less blood flow because these are often tightly attached to the head. Always take the time to promote blood circulation by massaging the scalp. This is especially true for people who wear hairpieces while waiting for hair regrowth. Hair items like these carry amazing benefits particularly those suffering from alopecia, premature baldness or those undergoing serious treatments. However, care should be given that they don’t impede healthy hair growth as well.

Never place a headpiece on damp hair.

Not only is this gross, but it also endorses proliferation of germs and fungi. Mildew might also develop because of the amount of heat and moisture sandwiched between.

Always use especially formulated wig hair care products.

Regular shampoo or conditioner can contain a higher percentage of alcohol, which damages fragile hair placed under the wig. Meanwhile, using fibre wigs means there’s no moisture inside so having a good shampoo with matching conditioner is advisable. Individuals using hair loss treatments only need to make sure that these can be used together with wigs so they won’t cause extra damage to the hair.

A hairpiece should be treated like skin.

Not that many people think about it, but a wig or hairpiece should be treated with attention like people take care of the skin. Extreme exposure to the sun or constant rainy, windy conditions can damage it. There’s also the constant friction for long wigs against clothing, which causes it to fray.

Take off the wig or hairpiece before hitting the sack.

This is very important! A lot of users think they can keep wearing their falsies even when they sleep. Some items are made with high quality so they can withstand a bit of rough use, but chances are sleeping in with a wig will harm the product in the long run. Constant friction when sleeping can tear the base of the piece. Apart from that, if wearing the wig the wrong way, or too tightly, when movement happens it can damage the existing hair resulting in hair loss and damage.
By Edward