International ERP Selection SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics

By why do n’t we just emplace the same software as we’ve then in the headquarters? We ’ll try to answer this and related questions in this small publication. We’ll give also some comparison of Microsoft Dynamics ERP line and SAP Business One. Let’s begin with Localized ERP conception

  1. Localized ERP conception has two sides. First is obviously original language support in stoner interface and data entry. It might sound like commodity trivial but suppose about similar norms as Unicode where each character is represented by two bytes. Unicode is technology allowing hieroglyph grounded rudiments similar as Chinese, Japanese or Korean to be enabled in computing. Operations originally introduced on the software request then in the United States don’t necessary support Unicode as it’s technically not needed then. And alternate aspect is compliance to foreign country legislation which is presumably indeed more delicate to achieve and maintain as legislation is in constant change in time. Let’s now take a look at offers from Microsoft Business Results and SAP
  2. Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM family. It has several products including GP, Layoff, SL, NAV, RMS and CRM. Microsoft CRM is offered worldwide and supports multitudinous languages but technically it isn’t counting or ERP package. From ERP side we’d like to mention Dynamics Layoff formerly known as Axapta and Dynamics GP or former Great Plains. Layoff is offered in major world regions, including China, Brazil and Latin America, Europe and Russian Federation. Dynamics Layoff supports Unicode. You should realize that Layoff is geared toward upper mean and large businesses. If you’re looking for commodity further budget acquainted also you should take a look at Dynamics GP. It’s veritably popular in the United States and internationally. Still it’s available in Spanish speaking Americas, Arabic world and Quebec in French Canadian. Having said that you have to note that it isn’t a perfect option if your attachment is in Russia, China or Brazil
  3. SAP Business One. We’re only agitating this product in this paper and if you’re allowing about NetWeaver or other options from SAP please do your schoolwork. Comparing to Dynamics GP Business One at this time of January 2012 has also large number of add-ons still perhaps lower but still covering multitudinous assiduity niches. Good news about B1 is the fact that it’s localized in major world regions and it supports Unicode. Localization is maintained directly by SAP. We believe that it’s good result for compact transnational pot where you anticipate number of named druggies in SAP B1 don’t exceed one hundred across the globe. SB1 is less precious in software licenses and perpetration hours comparing to Dynamics Layoff and indeed GP. Let’s now take a look at ERP recommendations in specific country
  4. Brazil. Then from brand names we see the offer from Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics Layoff and SAP Business One and back in 2004 our company was approached by Microsoft in Sao Paulo with the offer to localized Great Plains Dynamics interpretation7.0. The design was launched but latterly on cancelled by Microsoft as they tried to feature Navision and also again changed their mind in favor of Axapta Dynamics Layoff. Original competition is presented with similar packages as Microsiga so make your judgment
  5. Russian Federation. Both Layoff and SAP Business One are available and localized and we recommend you communicate Microsoft Business Results and SAP services in Moscow. Strong competition is coming from locally developed package 1C Account
  6. People Republic of China. Business One and Axapta support Chinese and are localized
  7. Deployment recommendations. We’ve seen multitudinous ERP perpetration systems in transnational terrain substantially for US and Canada grounded transnational companies. In order to retain IT and fiscal control we recommend you to consider hosting all the databases and operation waiters in the headquarters and open them to transnational druggies via Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Garçon
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