Learning to Speak the French Language

Why is it so hard to learn the French language?

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language but it always seemed too hard? Or maybe thinking of learning another language brings back horrible memories from high school or maybe that adult education course you tried. Where you spent long nights and lots of frustration learning to pasts tests only to find out that when you were done you could barely say more than “Hello,” and “How are you?”

Maybe you just want a good refresher. I know I barely remember anything that I learned in high school. I also know that being able to speak another language makes a person seem more intelligent and interesting. How many people do you know can speak more than one language? I can’t name any. Maybe you can name a few. In social settings it’s a great way to break the ice, especially if you run into someone who else speaks the language.


Personally I would love to learn French. It sounds very beautiful and is very flowing, at least to the ears. Who wouldn’t like to speak in a fluid language that sounds great too? Or maybe you’re getting ready to travel to France for a vacation, or just know somebody who speaks French and want to relate to them more.

Whatever the reason, you know you want to learn a new language, but the courses are too hard or too long. Well wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to learn another language quickly and easily?

But what are some of the major problems with learning another language?

For me the biggest one is time. I don’t have two to four hours a day twice or more a week to attend a class. Let alone all the time it would take to do the homework and study up on the subject. Also what if I pick up on it really fast? I could try reading ahead but without the teachers guidance I am at a loss.

Plus learning a new language is the same as learning a new skill. In that regard some aspects of it will come easily to you and others will not. In a classroom setting you don’t have the chance to move quickly at the parts that are easy for you and slow down so you can hone your skills.

Home study courses are also expensive and you don’t normally get a tutor to help guide you along. It’s nice to be able to go at your own pace, but wouldn’t be easier if you could also get your questions answered from someone you know has the answers?

Lastly there is always the trial by fire method. Move to France, or maybe the more heavily French speaking populated areas of Canada, speak only to French people. Listen really hard and try to pick it up that way. It can be done; it just takes a few years. Do you have that kind of time? I know I don’t.


By Jill Anaya