Link Caste Certificate to Aadhaar Card

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It has now been made possible by the Indian Government to link your caste certificates to your Aadhaar card. The government provides benefits to all the students who belong to the scheduled tribes/castes. Therefore, in order to benefit them from the government oriented schemes, it has been made mandatory by the Indian Government to link caste certificates with aadhaar cards. This enables them to take free admission in various educational institutes across the country as well as numerous other benefits. UIDAI has made it extremely easy for the students to link their aadhaar cards to their caste certificates. The school administrations have been directed to collect the caste certificates from the pupils and report them to the respective authorities. The State Government has been made responsible for producing the caste as well as domicile certificates of all pupils. Also, it has been made mandatory to provide these certificates within 60 days. This is done to ensure that the student can easily connect their aadhaar cards with their caste certificates. Just like NPCI Aadhar card link bank account, it is important to also link your caste certificate to take advantage of the benefits that come along with it.

Benefits of Linking Caste Certificate with Aadhaar Card

Generally, there are a number of benefits that you can avail when you link your aadhaar card to your caste certificate. The government provides a number of benefits for students if they have their aadhaar cards linked with their caste certificates. Some of the benefits of linking aadhaar card with caste certificates are as follows:

Government Scholarships

Government provides scholarships to students whose family’s annual income is less than INR 1 lakh and belong to ST, SC or OBC categories. However, to obtain these scholarships and to pursue higher education, students must have their caste certificates linked with their aadhaar cards.

IIT and IIM Institute Quota

ST, SC or OBC category students can avail special admission quotas at institutes like IIT and IIM. The limit of the reservation is, however, set at 49% of the total admissions in India’s most famous educational institutes. 

Government Position Reservations

The application costs for all types of government jobs is less for SC, ST or OBC categories as compared to other general category applicants. The underprivileged category applicants also have their reserved slots for specific government posts. 

How to Link Your Aadhaar Card with Caste Certificate

The process to link your aadhaar card with your caste certificate is very simple. The process is carried out under the directions of the state government. The National Government directed all the State Governments to provide domicile or caste certificates to all the students in the beginning of their 10th grade. Moreover, the state government has to provide the certificates within 60 days from the date of admission. Also, once the government has issued the certificates it is the state government’s obligation to provide adharcard form and get them linked to the Aadhaar card.

What is a Caste Certificate?

In India, a certificate is used by individuals to prove their belonging to a specific caste. This certificate is termed as a caste certificate. The “Scheduled Castes” are specifically mentioned in the Indian Constitution since the government believes that the people who belong to the scheduled caste and tribes must be given special chances and opportunities in the society. Therefore, there are certain advantages that are provided to the people who belong to these specific castes. The advantages may include reservation quotas in various schools, colleges and other educational institutions, reservations in government jobs, legislatures, fee exemptions, upper age limit relaxations for certain jobs, etc. However, in order to avail the above benefits an individual must have a valid caste certificate issued by the Tahsildar of their region respectively.

Advantages of Caste Certificate

People who belong to SC, ST or OBC category and have a valid caste certificate can receive the benefits that come along with it. These benefits include reservations in various top educational institutes of the country, special quotas in government job employments, etc. Also, the caste certificate can also help you in securing educational loans. Therefore it is best to obtain a caste certificate if you are willing to take advantage of all the above mentioned benefits.

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