Major Technology Tools a Hospital Needs for Better Patient Experience

Hospitals are recruiting the simplest doctors and adding ultramodern infrastructure to supply excellent patient care to please the patients. along side outstanding medical facilities, patients also expect uninterrupted communication and quick responses from the hospital staff. to satisfy the communication related needs of patients, the hospitals got to acquire technology tools.

In this article, i will be able to share the main technology tools that a hospital must acquire to supply a far better and enhanced patient experience.

  1. call centre solution

If a hospital can get an omnichannel call centre solution, then it’s great. But, if it’s impossible , the hospital has got to get a feature rich call centre solution. A hosted call centre solution is additionally an option that a hospital can use to stay things on a budget. This software lets hospitals get logs of all calls to form sure patients that might have abandoned the calls or dropped the calls are often reached. Also, this software automates some communication related operations to reinforce the patient experience using features like IVR. Therefore, a call centre solution may be a must have solution in any hospital nowadays.

  1. Code blue: emergency alert system

This solution may be a must have in any hospital. It can let hospitals create an emergency group with an emergency code counting on the sort and nature of the emergency. Here, the emergency are often anything such as:

Cardiovascular attack
Brain surgery
Or anything
This software lets a hospital create as many emergency groups as required . just in case of an emergency, just an associated emergency code must be pressed by the operator within the code blue: emergency alert system. The system will send an SMS to all or any people within the respective emergency group about the emergency situation. Moreover, it’ll also send a voice call to all or any folks that got to work to handle the emergency. This software lets hospitals send an emergency aware of external numbers, too, just like the firehouse , police headquarters , etc. This software is well built to assist hospitals handle emergency situations during a better way.

  1. IP PBX solution

This is another amazing communication and collaboration solution that hospitals must get. the decision center solution is employed to attach the hospital with patients and the other way around . On the opposite hand, an IP PBX solution is employed to attach internal staff with one another and patients. This software supports features like intercom calling, 3-way conference calling, call distribution, blind call transfer, attended call transfer, etc. of these features are often employed by the hospitals to enhance communication and collaboration. It also supports features like find me, follow me, and telephone , which may be wont to provide the simplest patient care by connecting an extension number to the consulting doctor. In multiple ways, this software, too, adds value to patient care.


These are the highest 3 and must have technology tools during a hospital to supply better patient care and knowledge . Many hospitals are already using these solutions and adding this will help your hospital to get on the list of tech-savvy hospitals.

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Author works during a company that gives different technology tools to hospitals sort of a call centre solution, video conferencing solution, multi tenant IP PBX solution, emergency alert software, etc.


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