Make Extra Money Fast By Turning Your Blog Into A Profitable Business

Mompreneurs (mums in business) are on the rise and many women (over 8 million in the USA alone) are enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being a parent with running a business.

With the increasing popularity of blogging and other work at home businesses I wanted to share some ideas on how you can make extra money fast by turning your blog into a profitable business.

First, though, let’s put the word “fast” into context. Blogging, as with any business, is not a get rich quick scheme. However, you can make some money quickly while you develop more longer-term, sustainable income from a serious business. So, there are two approaches.

If you have a blog, you can generate revenue from companies who want to advertise or promote their products or services on your blog, turning something you love into a successful business model. Conversely, if you focus on a hungry market, you can start a blog with the aim of providing valuable content to that market, and then selling products that meet the needs of your market.

For making extra money fast you could focus on a niche sites where keyword optimised posts link to affiliate products or include Google advertising. As long as you find a hungry niche that’s already buying (check the most popular products on ClickBank, Amazon etc.) it’s possible to make extra income. Traditional wisdom of making money from blogs advocates methods such as direct advertising, affiliate sales and AdSense. eBook sales are another way to generate income quickly.

However, while this is a way to make some extra money fast, don’t forget the longer-term potential of your blog.

Savvy entrepreneurs can capitalize on the attention a good blog generates and ultimately using it to launch a business. A good example of this is using your blog to showcase your freelance work, especially writing-based services, or services that photograph well (for example, cooking, pet related services, photography, jewellery making). A blog is an excellent way to showcase your work and your writing, and build credibility as well as your personal brand.

Once your brand is established you can leverage that to sell your own products or services. As your blog develops you can move along the value chain to fewer clients with much higher pricing. And, the beauty is you can establish this more lucrative strategic business while making decent income from smaller niche sites.

You can also use your blog to position your products and services in the marketplace. Your blog will help you gain that share of the market where people want to collaborate with you and advertise with you.

It’s worth investing time to provide the best quality content you can because when people look for experts in a specific area and your site comes up, they will see you as an expert in that area. If you provide good content and have a marketing plan you will get a lot of attention and attract potential clients and advertisers.

Not only will this make you a lot of money in the long-term it will expose you to opportunities you may not ever have imagined, such as speaking on national and international stages, consulting and coaching.

Traffic is all about creating killer content. Don’t copy what other people do. Learn to hone your own voice and expertise and you’ll naturally attract traffic and get people following you

Cassie maintains a blog where she discusses different strategies and tips for creating profitable Home Based Businesses. She enjoys writing for savvy women, many of them stay at home mums, who want to create their own incomes while looking after their families.

By Scott Gates