Medical Process Involved in Surrogacy Procedure

Surrogacy isn’t a stand-alone process; it involves various steps to finish the procedure. This composite procedure includes various phases like medical treatment, surrogate searching, surrogate matching, and legal contract preparation. SCI IVF Hospital – the simplest surrogacy clinic in Delhi provides you medical assistance throughout the surrogacy procedure.

Health Diagnosis
Before starting the procedure, it’s really important to possess a full-body check-up of all individuals contributing to embryo formation.

Health Screening for Intended Mother: If the intended mother is providing the egg for the embryo, a biopsy , HIV test, Hepatitis test, communicable disease test, and egg quality test is very recommended for her.
Health Screening of Intended Father: If the intended father is providing the egg for the embryo, the semen analysis along side the biopsy and HIV test is completed .
Health Screening of Surrogate Mother: mother has got to carry the kid for nine months; thus, it’s a requirement check whether she will bear a toddler or not. For this, Hysteroscopy is performed, where a skinny scope is inserted via the cervix to examine the form and size of her uterus. HIV test and biopsy are other comment tests to screen her health.

IVF Process
IVF is that the core of the surrogacy process. The eggs and sperms are retrieved either from the intended parents or the donors. The egg is fertilized within the lab using the sperm and creates an embryo. during a natural pregnancy, the embryo stays within the Fallopian tube for about 5 days before implanting. Similarly, during this process embryo is kept within the incubator to become an adult about 4-5 days before transfer.

Stimulation and Embryo Transfer Preparation
The success of the whole process depends on the successful embryo transfer within the womb of the surrogate. Since this step is crucial, an attempt transfer is completed before the particular embryo transfer cycle. After the trial, subsequent step is to form the surrogate body ready for embryo transfer.

If the method eggs are provided by the intended mother, the cycle of the intended mother (egg donor) and therefore the surrogate must be in synchronization. to realize this, contraception pills or Lupron injection is given to the surrogate to regulate the hormones. The stimulating drugs are given to the intended mother to motivate her ovaries to supply more eggs.

Actual Embryo Transfer
In this process, doctors stop parturition control pills or Lupron to the surrogate. A dose of progesterone is given to her to take care of uterus conditions and sustain a stable pregnancy. After about 5 days, the embryo is transferred by inserting a syringe via the cervix into the uterus. Doctors confirm of the precise placement of the embryo through an abdominal ultrasound. For a successful surrogacy procedure, contact Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, providing the simplest surrogacy treatment in Delhi.

Pregnancy Validation and Delivery
Once the embryo is transferred, pregnancy is confirmed after about 9-10 days through the HCG test that checks the pregnancy hormone level. After about 6 weeksFree Articles, an ultrasound is completed to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. The delivery is completed under the supervision of a gynecologist.

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