Mindfulness Attitudes – Acceptance

Acceptance may be a very active process, there’s nothing passive about it, it isn’t passive resignation but an act of recognition that things are the way they’re … Acceptance doesn’t suggest we will not work to vary the planet , or circumstances, but it means unless we accept things as they’re , we’ll attempt to force things to be as they’re not which can create a huge amount of difficulty

Jon Kabat-Zinn

The process of acceptance begins with the willingness to ascertain things exactly as they’re within the here and now . Acceptance isn’t about resignation. it’s about courage. it’s about the courage to seem a situation right within the eye and say: “Yes, I even have this issue.” very similar to alcoholics first got to recognise that they need a drag before they will do something about it, so can we got to accept that we’ve a problem and not trying to hide it up. By not covering it up, that’s not for people but not covering it up for ourselves. Trying to not sleep in a self-imposed denial.

Can you keep your attention focused exactly here and now, taking each moment because it comes and connecting with whatever presents itself? Often, to be ready to accept what comes into awareness, you want to undergo periods of intense feelings like anger, fear, or grief. These feelings themselves require acceptance. Acceptance means seeing things exactly as they’re instead of as you think that that they’re or as you think they ought to be.

Remember, things can only change within the here and now . you’ve got to ascertain things as they’re and yourself as you’re during this moment if you would like to vary, heal, or transform yourself or your life. So developing an understanding of acceptance and willingness to experience your emotions is critical to enabling change. Much of our mindful awareness practice is targeted towards developing the power to stay within the present. However, being within the present without accepting what we discover there’ll undermine our ability to profit from our practice.

The act of acceptance includes softening and opening to what’s here. Allowing ourselves to interact with this , fully with complete acceptance, is an act of concentration and focus. However, it should be comfortable, the sense of struggle should be released. By ceasing to deny and to fight with the way things are now, the strange thing about acceptance is that by abandoning on all the energy we were using, our energy is freed to tackle things with some freshly gained insight.

An important realisation of acceptance is that it doesn’t mean you’ve got to love everything or that you simply need to take a passive attitude. Often people mistake acceptance for tolerance or submission. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to be satisfied with things as they’re, or that you simply need to stop trying to vary things for the higher . As we are speaking of it here, acceptance simply means willingness to ascertain things as they’re , deeply, truthfully, and completely. This attitude sets the stage for acting within the most potent and healthy way in your life, regardless of what’s happening.

This is not a revelation which belongs only to mindfulness, many folks will remember the poem “If” by Kipling (an extract which sums up acceptance):

If you’ll dream-and not make dreams your master;

If you’ll think-and not make thoughts your aim;

If you’ll meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;

It is not a simple option, it requires patience and practice. Acceptance enables us to form choices with the complete facts at our disposal, with an objectivity which suggests that we will make the simplest decisions possible. The stoic approach which tells us to worry about only those things over which we’ve control requires the acceptance to know what we will control. The words of the “Serenity Prayer” by Niebuhr is another example of acceptance.

God, grant me the serenity to simply accept the items I cannot change, courage to vary the items I can, and wisdom to understand the difference

You do not have consider this as a prayer, if you are doing not have that sort of spiritual belief, the concept of acceptance remains valid.

All of the mindfulness attitudes support one another , with acceptance supporting our non-judgement and non-striving to stay mindful and aware.







By Mk Faizi

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