Mindfulness Attitudes – Beginners Mind

Mindfulness Attitudes - Beginners Mind

Mindfulness Attitudes – Beginners Mind: Have you ever been with a toddler once they see something completely new? How their eyes grow wide, their breathing changes, their whole posture alters, and their entire focus is targeting that new thing? Nothing else within the world exists for them at that moment, just the sheer wonder and joy of something new.

One of the good, unexpected, joys of my life has been becoming a grandparent. this is often to not say I didn’t enjoy my children’s magical moments, but as a grandparent you’ve got such a lot longer, can dedicate that point to actually being with the kid and therefore the enjoyment is more concentrated. i used to be voted least likely to marry and have children by my school peers; I ended up married with children before most of them! The happy consequence of this has been being a ‘young’ grandparent. My energy levels are nowhere near what they were as a young mum, but my enthusiasm is way greater, particularly when responding to the never-ending curiosity of my grandchildren.

That is the engaging trait of mindfulness, the beginner’s mind. to not be childish, but to be childlike in your experience of the planet and every moment. To open your mind and your curiosity to the planet around you is one among the key attitudes of mindfulness.

This openness and curiosity can only be achieved with awareness. If we let our days drift by without listening to them, we’ll miss moments which will make a difference of enrichment to our experience. have you ever ever had the experience of arriving somewhere and realising that you simply haven’t any recollection of the journey, how you bought there, anything you’ll have seen on the way, albeit (perhaps most worryingly), you’ve got driven yourself there during a car! We function such a lot on autopilot once we are completing routine tasks. Mindfulness asks us to require a stance of the beginner’s mind to make sure that we are aware throughout our lives. There are many inspirational quotes exhorting us to practice awareness as if our lives depend upon it – which in fact, they do.

“If you miss this moment, you miss your appointment with life. that’s very serious!”

Thich Nhat Hanh

“Do every act of your life as if it were the last act of your life.”

Marcus Aurelius

“Ardently do today what must be done. Who knows? Tomorrow, death comes.”







By Mk Faizi

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