NBA 2k16 – The Best NBA Game Yet

Last year’s addition to the NBA 2k series was spectacular. It was difficult to imagine what more can be added to the game to make it even better. But the game developers were able to deliver, giving us the best NBA game ever created. NBA 2k16 has seen a lot of improvements, making it the best basketball simulation game yet. If you’re a huge basketball fan like me, then you should definitely check the game out and see for yourself how close to real life your gaming experience gets.

Perhaps the most notable difference is the improve AI defenses. The previous iterations of the game employed pretty poor defenses. You can zigzag your way through the lane for a quick bucket. It seemed as though all you had to do was make circles with your joystick until you get past your defender. But in 2k16, it’s a lot harder than that. Simply making random moves would usually lead to turnovers or bad shots.

There are also plenty of changes when it comes to game controls. Double-tapping the buttons allow for a variety of fancy plays, from throwing alley-oops to dishing no-look passes. The post down move is now on L2 and it’s more intuitive than ever. You no longer have to wait for the animation to settle before you can execute your signature post-up game.

Of course, it also pays to mention that NBA 2k 16 is the best-looking basketball game, bar none. So much attention has been placed into the tiniest of details of every player, coach, broadcasters and even fans watching in the arena. It’s like you’re watching a live NBA game! It would be interesting to see how much more the graphics will improve over the coming years.

What’s also great is that you have the option of playing the game in a myriad of ways. There are several game options, with some making a much anticipated return. But without question, the most popular game mode is MyCareer. You’re probably familiar with this feature, but once you check it out, it would feel completely different. Follow an interesting storyline as you take an avid basketball fanatic into a worldwide superstar.

And perhaps the best news is that technical issues and glitches are reported only by a minority of players. While the game still depends heavily on online servers, you don’t have to worry about huge problems that would get in the way of your gaming experience. Visual Concepts deserves mad props for creating such a complete package of a game.
By Michael Garcia