Nine Books Every Successful Entrepreneur Has on Their Shelf

No one can consider everything and besides, you’re growing a business so cash in of the simplest the entrepreneurial community has got to offer. Whether you read each book cover to hide or simply use them for reference they represent ideas and techniques which will see you thru the dark days every entrepreneur faces at some point.

The Four Steps to the Epiphany – Steve Blank. Provides hands-on instructions on the way to set about customers, sales, marketing, and building your company at different stages of your business.

The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton Christensen. This explains why most companies miss out on new waves of innovation. Provides a group of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation.

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries. How today’s entrepreneurs use continuous innovation to make radically successful businesses.

Lean Analytics – Eric Ries. Shows you ways to validate your initial idea, find the proper customers, decide what to create, the way to monetize your business and the way to spread the word.

The Strategy Paradox – Michael Raynor. Explains a ubiquitous but little-understood tradeoff. The tradeoff is that the majority of strategies are built on specific beliefs about the hit or miss future, but current strategic approaches force leaders to plan to an inflexible strategy no matter how the longer term might unfold.

Strategyzer Series Books. I lie, there are quite 9 books but the subsequent are so closely related that I feel of them together with a big book. they’re invaluable in starting, maintaining, and growing any business.

Business Model Generation teaches you ways to systematically understand, design, and differentiate your business model.

Value Proposition Design helps you tackle a core challenge of each business – creating compelling products and services customers want to shop for.

Testing Business Ideas explains the way to increase the success of any venture by providing a practical guide to rapid experimentation.

High-Impact Tools for Teams explains the way to boost alignment, accountability and obtain leads to fast-paced, uncertain, and sophisticated projects.

Invincible Company Creates a capability for constant reinvention by managing a portfolio of the latest ideas. Compete on superior business models, not a product, technology, and price. Transcend industry boundaries.

The Startup Owner’s Manual – Steve Blank. A step-by-step, near-encyclopedic manual or “how-to” for building a successful, scalable startup.

How to Win Friends and Influence People – Carnegie. A timeless bestseller, full of rock-solid advice that has carried thousands of now-famous people up the ladder of success in their business and private lives.

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