Online class booking system in New York

We know that scheduling your courses & services is that the core of your business. That’s why we’ve made online booking, the core of Steams Online software. Whether it is a certificate course, ongoing classes, or training, Steams Online meets your booking & scheduling needs now and as your business grows.

Customizable fields allow you to capture the client information that’s relevant to you. Protect your business from litigation with contractual agreements, signed and sealed with electronic signatures. Reminders and Notifications improve attendance and retention rates.


Steams Online’s interface makes browsing and accessing information for schedule and enrollment for classes a breeze – therefore, you and your staff will spend tons less on the phone and answering emails.

Our intuitive platform is straightforward to find out , and you’ll find out most of the setup on your own. But we’ll still be here to supply you with the support that you simply deserve.


Steams Online offers flexibility in its settings to customize your registration form and schedule to satisfy your unique needs. Clients can easily browse your offering by class type or filter supported their preference.

Do you require payment from your clients before they will book your services? Steams Online allows you to attach to the payment gateway of your option to receive payments on to your account in real-time. otherwise you can enable the “Pay Later” feature, which allows clients to proceed with their registration and pay at a later date.

When you create an account with Steams Online, your business will automatically receive a branded site that you simply can easily share together with your clients and is optimized for any desktop or mobile device. no matter the subscription plan, you’ll have access to all or any widgets, which allows you to embed your schedule for your offerings directly on your existing website.

For even more convenience, your clients can book classes and manage payments directly from their phones. Plus, you and your clients don’t got to worry about any paying any hiddent fees or upcharge, that’s not the Steams Online way.

Save Time, Lose the Frustration Booking 360 reduces frustrating phone scheduling, repetitive & time consuming tasks, and provides you a quick , easy alternative solution that automates your process so you’ll spend longer doing what’s important. Reduced No-Shows & Loss Income No-shows are bad for business, but… it doesn’t suggest that you simply should sunk the value . With booking 360, you’ll have full control of your business finance. Learn more on how you’ll protect your business from loss thanks to no-show.
Enforce contractual agreement & policies for no-shows.
Setup down-payment option before customers can register/book a category .

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