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Women fashion is different so is the footwear they wear. You can not name each style and, still, there’s a order of fashion shoes for girls that you can have all the shoes. There are different types and styles of shoes that girls wear. Some of the fashionable shoe styles for girls that are trending currently are as follows

Flats These can simple be defined as the shoes with no heels. These can either be sharp or round-toed. The apartments could also have open top, but generally have sides and a back on the shoe. One of the popular flat shoe styles among girls is the ballet flat, which has a rounded toe and an appearance analogous to a ballet slipper.
Sandals Sandals, both formal and casual open shoes, have been as popular among girls as among middle- age women. These shoes expose the toes or the maturity of the bottom. Foot is held by strips or buckles. Some of the popular types of sandals include formal, formal and flip- duds. Wedges are occasionally classified as sandals, and are relatively popular among youthful women.

Thrills If it’s downtime, you’ll most girls in thrills. A downtime volition for women’s shoes, thrills can be flat, casual, or formal with heels. They’re fabricated using material similar as soft suede, leather, fabric or indeed rubber. You can mileage from us thrills of different heights. Utmost of the thrills come to themid-calf height and are worn over the top of brace of pants or jeans. Other thrills for girls include short ( height of the ankle) and knee-high thrills.
Evening shoes These are the trendier interpretation of heels or sandals. Fabricated using satin or leather, these are generally available in black, white or metallic colours. These are suited to be worn with formal gowns, marriage and bridesmaids’ dresses.

Lurkers Also appertained to as tennis shoes, these are most casual type of women’s shoe. Made using material similar as leather and nylon, these have rubber soles. These are laced-up shoes that can strain or loosened as per wearer’s preference. Casual road shoes for walking, running shoes and basketball shoes are some of the common types of different types of lurkers.
Heels Heels are classified into the pump order, which are open on top and have a back and sides. The toes of heels are pointyBusiness Management Articles, round or square. These have a swatch that goes around the heel.

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