Parenting and the Need for Life Insurance

It seems as though there are days to celebrate just about everyone, but parents had always, to this point at least, somehow slipped through the cracks.

That all changed with the U.N. announcement that June 1st would become the day when the world would celebrate the Global Day of Parents, with the focus on giving thanks to and honoring Mothers and Fathers the world over.

There is no denying that parents should be honoured, especially since they take on all manner of responsibilities when they bring a child into the world. As morbid as it may seem in the wake of such a joyous occasion, those responsibilities include making sure the family is well looked after in the event of one or both parents passing.

The easiest way to take care of that is to take out a life insurance policy that covers all the financial bases.

Raising a family is an often thankless task that takes a great deal of time and commitment, not to mention a lot of money. It may not seem like it at the time, but if you add up what it costs to clothe, feed, and keep a family safe and warm, the expenses can become astronomical. As such, many families now require both parents to work, or at least one to make a fairly sizeable income. If either of those are lost due to an untimely death, the burden on a family can become unbearable.

Life cover does not ease the pain of the loss, but it does take care of potential financial issues such as:

* The costs associated with burying a loved one can run into the thousands. If there is no money available for a funeral, the additional costs on top of what the family already owes can add an additional layer of stress.

* Loss of income. There are plenty of families that only have one parent as the breadwinner, with the other staying home to look after the family. If that income is lost and there is no life insurance money, forthcoming, the family may end up losing everything.

* Outstanding bills. There are very few families that don’t owe any money, with a mortgage and car payment usually at the top of the big ticket monthly payments. Failure to pay those bills can mean losing the home, car, or both.
By Michael Garcia