Perisher Accommodation: The Ultimate Snow Experience

Finding the perfect Perisher accommodation is the key to have an unforgettable snow vacation. Nestled on a large expanse of terrain, you have a wide range of choices depending on your needs and the location you want to stay in. There’s accommodation in Perisher Village, Guthega Village, Alpine Way, etc. They come in various types too like lodge accommodation, motel accommodation and hotel accommodation. Serviced apartments as well as bedroom units are also among the choices.

If you decide to have a vacation in Perisher, the best Perisher accommodation can be summed up in three names. You have the Stables, Corroboree Lodge and Matterhorn Lodge. The deluxe snow resorts are ready to provide you with all the luxury when you choose to stay at the Stables. It’s right in the center of the Perisher Ranges. You have the accommodation features for skin and ski out here and the facility blends in with the Snowy Mountains design wise. Because of the setting, every guest is treated with a great view of the Perisher Valley. If that isn’t enough beauty for you, you also have the surrounding alpine region as the backdrop to your snow experience. All throughout the year, you can get friendly and personalized service at the Stables.

As for the Perisher accommodation at Corroboree Lodge, this is a great ski out snow lodge where you and your family can stay. It’s located right in the Perisher Valley and it’s near the Perisher Express Lift. From this vantage point, you can get right on to ski as soon as you arrive at the lodge. You have a cozy lounge area with TV and video features where you can unwind at night after a daylong skiing and they also provide for transfers from the Ski Tube Terminal when you arrive and depart from Perisher.

By Edward