Perisher Ski: Fresh Snow All the Time

Fresh and pristine snow is what you’re sure to get when you go on a vacation at Perisher ski resort. Even as Mother Nature herself can do all the work with providing it in the area, she gets a bit of help from snow guns and snow-making machines placed strategically around the resort. Even if you come in the latter part of winter, the sound of the snow-machines working is enough reassurance that you have thick fresh snow to ski and snowboard in. With the changes in the environment, often you will get a little less when you go to other ski resorts. At Perisher, there’s no need for worry.

All throughout the winter, Perisher ski works towards providing the best conditions for a winter holiday for all its guests. They invested about $6 million to expand as well as improve the snow-making system for the resort. Part of the upgrade made in 2009 was for and additional 68 automatic snow guns. As of today, there are more than 270 guns in the resort making fresh and clean snow.

One of the suppliers that Perisher ski got its snow-making machines from is Techno Alpin. Through this supplier, the white powder is made for the resort using less energy. Because of this technology, the quality and reliability of the snow are possible. Snow-making in the resort covers more than 50 hectares. Snow guns in places like Tube Town in Perisher, Snow sports School, Front Valley and Captain Cooks J-bar in Smiggin Holes among others provide beautiful blankets of the stuff.

To provide you with the best¬†Perisher ski¬†experience on seasons outside winter, Perisher is doing extensive work for creating terrain that’s going to require less snow. Even with less snow, they’ll be able to provide for the most acceptable kind of snow cover that’s conducive for boarding and skiing. As an example, they have projects like the building of snow fences to aid in building snow up in various locations of the resort.

By Edward