Perisher Snow: How Quality Snow Is Made

Choosing Perisher to be the location for your winter holiday, you’ll get an entirely different quality of snow. To arrive at the best quality snow for you to ski or snowboard in, Perisher employs tools like snow-guns and snowmaking machines together with the stuff that Mother Nature brings. You might be thinking about how snow-makers create snow. For this, you have to also know what it is.

As defined, crystallized particles of ice with enough physical integrity and strength for maintaining their shape is snow. However with the changes in the environment, nature doesn’t provide enough of it that will provide the best possible conditions for guests at Perisher to play games like snowball fights and hiking with snow-shoes. Snow-makers have to be brought in to compensate.

Snow-making is the process of replicating what nature does with water, to make snow. The Perisher Resort is equipped with a number of pump stations, water storage, compressors, pipes and the like. The hum you hear when you’re waking up at Perisher is the sound of snow-machines in action. With these snow guns, water is broken into smaller particles. The water is cooled by moving them through cold air. Small ice crystals are then made from the particles of water and this snow is distributed on the ground.

Weather conditions also have to be perfect with regard to making Perisher snow. Low temperature as well as low humidity is needed for the best snow to be created. If you visit the resort in June, a lot of snowmaking goes on because this is the time of the year when natural snow is at its lowest. Additives are added on the stream of water to enhance the nucleation of the water particles for making snow. The additives pose no environmental risk.

By Edward