Practice for inner tithing meditation

Practice for inner tithing meditation

Sit upright on a cushty chair. Palms open on lap — eyes gently closed.

Pause momentarily to centre the notice between the eyebrows. Notice the calm nature of this pause.

Slowly bring this pause awareness to both nostrils. Observe the inflowing and outflowing breath through both nostrils simultaneously.

Watch the nostrils during a detached way.

Let breathing ‘happen’ beyond our conscious doing.

As breathing deepens — reduces in amplitude — transient thoughts will enter the mind. this is often normal in meditation. just like the nostrils, simply witness the thoughts neutrally without clicking their links, which ‘clicking’ serves only to re-trigger the ‘veil’ – the one tenth – back to action.

Notice there’s a niche between each though. Widening or deepening this Gap disolves deep residual stress, de-corrodes and purifies the mental mechanisms, thus allowing transcendental experiencing. The Gap — created by watching nostrils and thoughts — expands awareness into the ever-perfect here and now — our means unto health, bliss, natural free-flowing happiness and COVID immunity.

Be patient and know that every meditation – including restarts and pauses — represents further spiritual growth on our soul’s upward journey unto Wholeness, unto eternal Pure Consciousness.

Building from ten to twenty minutes twice daily would be ideal.

By giving within — meditation — we receive within consciousness

Breaking freed from this subconscious law [of mind] thus lies in TITHING WITHIN, surrendering the born-into conditioned ego/intellect — the one tenth — thereby redemption of the submerged nine-tents, redemption of soul or, returning prodigal son. to the present outcome, tithing is surrendering our stress-dependent mental activity unto inner silence, calm and stillness; which suggests unconditional non-involvement with our concerns, worries, desires and fears. A letting-go of past, present, future, to incorporate achievements, societal status and expectations.

This is how consciousness receives immediate spiritual blessings, receives ‘release’ from carnal mind bondage, from automatically recurring ‘sin’.

Regular daily meditation develops increased spiritual awareness thereby establishing permanent liberation of soul from the bondage zone of subconscious law.

It becomes obvious now, that, no amount of outer tithing of cash, to a person or place, can cause inner release from the grip of subconscious law, aside from inner tithing — of totally letting-go ‘our tenth’ in meditation.

Leviticus 27-30 NIV translation: paraphrasing in brackets.

“‘A tithe (surrendering) of everything from the land, (of all our mental concerns) whether grain from the soil (creative thought seeds) or fruit from the trees, (tree of knowledge: all experiences, good and bad) belongs to the LORD (LORD translates LAW, meaning creation comes from the Laws of nature appointed by God); it is holy to the LORD (by transcending the Laws of nature, soul rises unto God consciousness and eternal liberation).

This verse totally relates to meditation and transcendence by means of surrendering the conditioned-ego/intellect unto transcendental silence within.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.