Proffer Before You Offer

We see environment concerned people and associations talking about the use of paper and plastics for other than one time use products and there are articles and events all over about the issue.

Do you think, awareness & education are enough to shift consumers from #plastic to #paper? Maybe not!!

We know eradicating plastic from the environment is impossible, the best we could do is minimize the use in the one-time-use applications and replace it with paper, wood, and other biodegradable options available in nature and manmade resources.

For this, we need to increase the Accessibility of paper, by making it easier for consumers to search paper, bring #sellers and buyers on one platform so that they connect more easily and faster than ever, #offer comparison to #buyers that paper is cheaper than plastic and can fulfill some of your packaging & printing demands and bring in transparency in prices and reduce the middle layers to reduce prices of paper.

All of the above is possible on #proffero!! And thus we say Proffer Before You Offer

In the ever-growing world of eCommerce everything has been bought and sold online, eventually, more and more products are being available online and can be bought right from the comfort of your home / office or even your couch.

The printing and packaging industry was feeling kind a left behind and thus there is a need of a place for buyers and sellers to connect globally and that’s possible only online.

Been in the industry and looking at how the buying and selling is happening we found there is a need of a platform which enable buyers and sellers to find products suitable for their raw material requirement.

Thus we crafted a platform helping buyers and sellers globally to procure raw material for paper, packaging, printing and related industries.


By Zarnish Khan