Provide Your Child With the Ultimate Protection: Life Insurance

The longest 9 months of anyone’s life is waiting for the day when their child is finally brought into the world. It is absolutely love at first sight when that little one arrives, and all that most parents can think of at that moment is all the steps they will take to protect that child, no matter what comes their way throughout the course of their life. It’s a noble thought and one that is backed up by the annual International Day for the Protection of Children that comes each June 1st.

That day brings light to some of the troubles children experience around the world, which most of us don’t think about, since we are so caught up in looking after our own. Oddly enough, though, most parents think of protection as being in the here and now, but what about the future? What would happen to your child if you were to pass tomorrow? Would they be properly looked after, and do you have a life insurance policy that would help make sure they were?

Life insurance is not a major strain on the budget, especially if you buy a policy in your younger years. Not having a policy of any kind can actually end up being a lot more costly to those left behind. They may find themselves placed in a financial position that is hard to dig out of, and which stays with them long after your passing. When you think of it in terms of your children, just imagine what being left financially secure could do for them in the future:

* They can have the funds available to continue their education. Many kids are forced to give up their dreams of college when a parent passes with no life insurance policy in place. They often take on the role of breadwinner in the home in order to dig out of the financial burden left behind.

* They will be able to see you off in a fitting manner. Losing a parent is hard enough for a child, but if you combine that with the expense of a funeral, it can be devastating. A good life insurance policy will mean that there is more than enough money to give you a funeral that everyone can feel good about in some small way.

* They will get to maintain their lifestyle. Parents work hard to put a roof over the head of their family, but that can all go away when a parent passes. The money that is paid out on a life insurance policy is usually more than enough to ensure that the family can stay where they are and cover all costs.
By Michael Garcia