Put Your Best Foot Forward – Returning & Making the Phone Call

Worry no longer, boys! I know that for years, one of the most confusing parts of dating for guys is learning when is the appropriate time to call is after she has finally given you her digits. It’s all about appearance, right? You don’t want to wait too long because then she may think that you are uninterested or are playing several girls a once. On the same token, you don’t want to call too soon, as she may interpret the speedy approach as desperation. So, how do you figure out when is the perfect moment to set her phone ringing and ask for the first date? Simply read on, my friends. Read on.

After a date, if everything went well, and you think you would like to see her again, call her up and tell her that. Don’t ask her to commit to s specific date, just let her know that she can call when she wants. This will leave the ball in her court, and take some of the pressure off you, while making her feel more at ease.

If you have not yet had the date, and she gave you her number at a place public like the grocery store or the cleaners, then everything depends on the details of that first interaction. If she approached you, gave you her number and asked you to call, then it is okay to call the first day. She will likely be waiting for it.

However, if you approached her in a bar and had to work all night to get her number, maybe you should wait at least a day or two before calling, so she doesn’t get overwhelmed or feel like you are coming on too strong.

Remember that no matter what, your best bet is usually to go with your gut and be you. When you call, be charming in your own way and make her laugh if that’s your thing. If she gave you her number already, the hard part is pretty much over. Now you two can just have some fun together.



By Amber