Quick Tips to Get Rid of Tangled Hair

For a lady, her hair is an integral part of her overall beauty. In fact, the style of the hair becomes a silent part of the overall personality statement. But, in order to let your hair look stylish, you need to maintain it. From cleaning to washing and even nourishing, your hair care routine can be quite complex and time consuming. Nevertheless, it is mandatory especially when you have opted for styles that involve tangled hair. When you are dealing with tangled hair, you need to extremely careful about the method that you adapt to get rid of it.

Don’t shampoo before de-tangling

More often than not, people end up washing their hair to get rid of the tangling. But, you need understand that this is wrong because moisture tends to worsen the tangles and can blow the situation out of control.

Try the dry de-tangling method!

The easiest way to get rid of tangled hair is to pick a spot and start detangling. However, when you are working on your hair, make sure do so in parts. In simple terms, you have to de-tangle the hair in small volumes, picking one area at a time. Also, once you de-tangle a particular area, make sure that you run a brush through it just to ensure that it is completely straightened.

Soaking in conditioner

We have already advised you to avoid shampooing your hair prior to detangling it. But, you can use conditioner on dry hair. Yes! Condition your hair without using water. This will soften the hair and make it easy for you to detangle it. You can also use a hair dryer to warm up the conditioner a little bit in order to increase its effectiveness.

Oil and water option

Another simple technique, this one requires you to apply a mix of oil and water to soften the hair as you gradually proceed towards detangling it in small sections.

The Before and after of detangling

Detangling can be an extremely painful experience in some cases. Therefore, if your scalp is a little extra sensitive, take a pain killer. This will help you reduce the amount of pain to a certain extent. Even after the detangling, your hair needs nourishment. Always remember to gently massage your head with warm oil because it will help to soothe your scalp as well as nourish your hair. You can choose the oil that best suits your scalp. Lastly, detangling is a time consuming process and so you will have to be patient before you get to enjoy the end results.

By Edward