SAP Business One as ERP platform opportunity for Multinational Corporation

All the unforeseen you realize that counting operation which is serving you impeccably in the headquarters in United States does n’t have Russian, Chinese or Brazilian Portuguese stoner interface and there are strict conditions similar as SPED in Brazil or federally approved map of accounts in Russian Federation. You can suppose that in any case then in the USA or Canada your account system is really outdated and needs relief so it might be a good idea to start from blank paper. Let’s assume the judgment over and begin with seeker selection

  1. ERP Localization criteria. If you plant to have attachment in Brazil for illustration also be sure that software supports Brazilian Portuguese and has its forms restated to this language. At the same time it’s good idea to have system open to American regulator and directors so English interface should be also needed. But it’s only one side of ERP localization. The alternate side is supporting Brazilian duty law and regulations similar as SPED or Public Digital Bookkeeping System. In our opinion if your domestic account package does n’t support Portuguese it might be easy routine to restate several crucial defenses and reports. Still SPED is commodity that’s insolvable to program in house (IT department or subcontractors). Let’s now take a look at software products localized in foreign countries
  2. Localized brand names. As you may anticipate similar brands as Microsoft Dynamics Layoff, Oracle Financials and SAP are present in utmost of the regions. Still similar packages as Oracle Ebusiness Suite might be targeting large companies. If you’re midmarket business then in the North America also you presumably anticipate commodity further associated with modest operations in your foreign branch. And then SAP B1 is showing up as likely seeker due to its internationalization and reasonable price. Of course in each country you can find original software similar as 1C Account in Russia or Microsiga in Brazil. Still commercial policy might be tight and has conditions to support American English stoner interface and be open to internal adjudicators
  3. What if we choose SAP BO and have it enforced in all our services? Well then question is frequently about similar effects as consolidated P&L and Balance Distance as well as strategy to install all the waiters in the United States and open the system to foreign locales via Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Garçon. There’s General Ledger connection technology where you’re moving all your General Ledger entries from all companies to one consolidated database. We also frequently then the question on how you choose language in stoner interface. There were nuances in the history when B1 had two hives A and B (2007A and 2007B for illustration). In interpretation8.8 A and B hives were intermingled and you can now emplace SAP B1 on single garçon and open it to all the services worldwide
  4. How scalable is the result in the sense of number of druggies? Then you should consider several factors. First of all when you save document in Business One AR tab for illustration it goes all the way to General Ledger and updates accounts balances. This might be considered as commodity more doable in the small business. Still there are options to translate Balance on cash base. Now let’s look at the number of druggies. There seems to be different estimations coming from SAP. Lately we heard the number of druggies should be limited by one hundred named licenses. Still on the recent forum in Sao Paulo Brazil the number was increased to two hundred
  5. Let’s take some questions. Does it support Brazilian SPED? Yes it does via ISV channel add-on and we believe that this is one of the reasons why operation is so popular in Brazil. How about Russia does it support account twenty main product and all needed deals? SAP in Moscow is working and we anticipate result to be presented at the end of the time 2012. Does it have Chinese stoner interface? Yes it does and it supports Unicode characters. If it supports Russian interface also is it possible to apply software in our mining place in Kazakhstan? Good question and we believe that precedents are known. Lower countries tend to be more transnational GAAP biddable and we believe that it’s analogous in the case of Kazakhstan
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