Should You Buy a Synthetic Hair Wig Or Natural One?

Most people are confused whether to go for natural wigs or synthetic wigs. Obviously people want their wigs to look like natural hair. The good news is that synthetic fibers being used in making wigs these days look far more natural than in earlier times. Below are some advantages of using synthetic wigs instead of natural ones.

  1. Recent technological advances have made it possible to produce wigs which are very similar in look and feel to natural hair.
  2. Synthetic wigs are far less expensive compared to natural ones. They are more easily available and can come in the latest styles. You can get wigs in almost any color you fancy.
  3. They are far easier to maintain. They will not fade even if exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Shampooing them with cold water will not affect their style.
  4. They are much lighter in weight, thus making them more comfortable to wear. Suppose you are going to remain out all day long, you wouldn’t want a heavy wig on your head for such a long period of time, do you?

For the above reasons, many people prefer synthetic wigs over natural ones. Even though natural wigs appear more realistic, they have a lot of other disadvantages. The major disadvantage being that of price. They are very expensive compared to synthetic wigs. They may not be easily available in your desired color, size or style.

There are a lot of other problems associated with wigs made from natural hair. These wigs react to climatic conditions like your normal hair does. They may frizz or lose curl in humid conditions. Whenever you shampoo the hair you must re-style it again, which can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The wig color can also fade when exposed to direct sunlight for long durations. So if you are a person who remains outdoors a lot during the day, then natural hair wigs might not be suitable at all for you.

Natural hair wigs can be quite heavy when compared to synthetic wigs of similar size and style. This can cause great discomfort for people wearing them. You may feel the effects, like neck pain, even after removing the wig. Moreover, you have to be quite careful while brushing the hair. Harsh brushing or back-combing can cause the hair to break. Excessive scratching of the head can also have an adverse effect on the wig.

However, keep in mind that synthetic hair wigs also come with some of their own problems. Some of the frequent complaints regarding synthetic wigs are:

They are hot
They tend to be stiff
The base of the wig may cause some amount of skin irritation
By Edward