Skiing in Les Menuires – Fun Activities for Kids

When you go skiing in Les Menuires as a family, the skiing itself is sure to keep the kids occupied for most of the time you’re there. However, it never hurts to have a few more options when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. Here are a few of the best children’s activities available to check out during your stay.

Château de la Glisse

This impressive castle built entirely of snow is a treat for kids, especially if they are particularly small. There are shovel sledges provided and access is completely free, and it’s open on a daily basis throughout the winter season. However, there is no organised supervision so make sure that your children are accompanied by an adult when they visit. This is an ideal diversion for young children when you go off skiing in Les Menuires.


Everyone loves tobogganing, both kids and adults alike. When you go skiing in Les Menuires you’ll find some fantastic tobogganing to vary your snow-filled activities, and best of all, it is suitable for all. The Roc ‘n Bob toboggan run is where you want to head, and you will find four kilometres of runs here. Some of the corners are pretty tight, but you’ll soon get the hang of it – and the kids will love it.


Les Bruyéres is a great cinema in Les Menuires that provides the perfect afternoon’s entertainment if you decide to have a day off the slopes. With a mixture of French and English language films on offer, it’s an ideal choice for the entire family when you want to take a break from skiing in Les Menuires.

Boule de Notes

This is a festival that is taking place in April 2011 for an entire week, and if that happens to match up to when you intend to go skiing in Les Menuires then the kids are going to have an absolutely fantastic time. With music workshops, performances, street musicians, live concerts and lots of people dressed up in brightly-coloured costumes, this musical extravaganza promises to be a delightful experience for anyone who is lucky enough to take part.

Keep the Kids Happy

Keeping kids entertained is one of the hardest parts of a family holiday, and although there is not much chance of them getting bored when you go skiing, it’s still good to know that you have some other options available. Check out some of the above activities during your stay and you’ll be sure to keep your kids entertained when you go skiing in Les Menuires.

By Edward