Students Heading Back to School Need to Protect Their Gaming Gear Too

Mobile Edge Leads the Way with Console-Ready Gaming Backpacks, Mobile Power & More!

Soon students will be heading back to school. Most will be carrying more gear than ever, ranging from laptops, tablets, smartphones, and mobile power packs to various cords, accessories, and other techy tools designed to optimize their educational experience.

While parents and students are rightly focused on academics, students can’t be all school and no play. After a year of remote learning, going back to school this year will no doubt accentuate the social aspect of being with classmates and friends again, which inevitably will lead to gaming.

Whether it’s a gaming laptop, a full-sized console, or a handheld one, students of all ages heading back to school need to organize their tech and protect it from unexpected drops and bumps. Mobile Edge has them covered and then some with a wide selection of console-ready gaming backpacks, including our award-winning Core Gaming Backpack.

Spacious and durable, our Core Gaming Backpacks offer storage for laptop and gaming consoles and feature numerous pockets and zippered compartments for cables, chargers, headphones, keyboards, and personal items such as snacks or even a change of clothes for overnighters. Pre-wired for power banks, Core Gaming

Backpacks are perfect for students on the go, especially high school and college students. One version even features a hook and loop panel for displaying school and team badges and patches.

Couple the Core Gaming Backpack with our powerful Core Power AC USB 27,000mAh Portable Laptop Charger and you’ve got the makings of a great “go-bag” of choice for your student gamer. This charger provides mobile power for even the most power-hungry devices, such as laptops and gaming consoles. Plus, with a universal AC outlet, no special adapters are needed. Lightweight, compact, and durable, it slips easily into laptop bags or backpacks and meets FAA carry-on requirements for lithium-ion batteries.

By Ramon Munoz