Sweet Health Benefits of a Sour Lemon

When people think of a lemon, many usually consider its role in drinks and food preparation. However, this sour fruit is used not only in cookery. Lemons come in different forms (juice, oil, balm, extract), and therefore there are lots of things people can use them for. In this article, I want to talk about the main health benefits a usual lemon has.

Immune System Benefits

Since ancient times lemons have been used as the immune system boosters. Nutrients contained in a lemon are known for helping the body fighting a number or viral diseases. Vitamin C has a powerful antiviral action that destroys a number of viruses and promotes speedy recovery. This fruit is a great antioxidant which contains agents able to reduce the risk of infection.

Digestion Benefits

Consuming lemons is recommended for people who have digestion problems. When used as a digestive aid, it hastens fat splitting and helps break down food. At the same time, it is also a great liver cleanser. When the digestive track is clear and the liver in cleansed, the body processes food quicker. In other words, lemons boost metabolism. An increased metabolism gives more energy and helps drop extra kilograms.

Proper food digestion is important not only for people who want to lose weight. When food is digested properly, bowel movements become easier which relieves defecation. Thus, lemons are recommended for people suffering from constipation.

Cooling Agent

Lemon can be used as a cooling agent for skin. It relieves burning sensations and helps people with sun and flame burns. However, it is necessary to understand that full-thickness burns require specialized medical treatment.

Skin Treatment

Lemons are widely used in cosmetic medicine. Numerous clinical tests show that the citric acid contained in lemons is extremely effective when it come to treating various skin diseases, like black spots and acne. Citric acid is added to various skin care products. Such products are ideal for people having oily and/or congested skin, as well as for skin with enlarged pores. Many teenagers use lemons to clean the skin and remove greasy sheen. This sour, yellow fruit is also very good for treating Eczema.

Blood Pressure Control

Lemons can normalize blood pressure and are often recommended for people having high blood pressure. Dizziness is a common problem for people suffering for high blood pressure. Things like dizzying and nausea, and a few other side effects (including high cholesterol level) can be also controlled with the help of a lemon.

By Edward