Taking Care Of Hair Pieces On Vacation And In Summer Sunshine

Who isn’t looking forward to a summer holiday? It’s no doubt a well-earned break for you – a time for you to relax, let all your troubles wash away and enjoy yourself.

Treat your hair piece like your own skin

It’s true to say that synthetic fibre and real hair pieces should be treated in the way that you treat your own skin. In other words, always try to protect the hair from extreme weather conditions by wearing an appropriate cover. In the heat and sunshine, wear a hat made of natural fibres like silk or cotton. Not only does this help prevent drying out the hair, it also helps to avoid tearing hair fibres too.

Use a special hydrating constructor spray

Synthetic fibre hair and 100% human hair cannot retain moisture like natural hair. So keep your hair hydrated with a specially-formulated hair care product like a reconstructor spray which helps moisturise and prevent drying. The best quality reconstructor sprays contain natural ‘repairing’ ingredients like sunflower and sugar beet. The spray acts like a leave-in conditioner which means you can happily get on with your holiday without worrying about the effects of dry and hot weather conditions.

Comb or hand-wash your hair piece on a daily basis

It’s important to make sure that any grains of sand or dirt are removed from your hair piece on a daily basis. Otherwise they could affect the method of attachment (e.g. weaken the glue used to attach your piece). Hand-washing in tepid water is always recommended. Never wring or squeeze your it – swirl it around the basin – and use special wig or shampoos and conditioners. Regular off-the-shelf haircare products may contain high levels of alcohol which could damage hair fibres. When drying your hair piece, always hand-pat dry with a natural-fibre cotton towel to avoid pulling out any strands of hair. Gently shake it to help it regain its shape and style.

Avoid using heated appliances to dry your hair piece

It’s tempting to think about giving your hair piece a quick blast of the hair dryer while you’re on holiday. However, if you’re taking a break in a hot country, you will already be exposing your hair to high temperatures and dry conditions every day. If possible, leave it to dry naturally. If it can be removed, allow it to dry naturally overnight on a wig stand. That way, it will retain its natural shape without any problems.

By Edward