The Not So Friendly Skys

The apprehension of boarding an airplane today is well-founded. Practically all associates the fear of flying with a foreboding sense that the plane will actually crash. they’ll have a legitimate point; because now, most of the airlines have eliminated two engines on their aircraft. This, for the sake of cutting fuel costs, has jeopardized passenger safety. a major example occurred in January of 2009 when a billboard jet with only two engines both pack up during ascent which forced that plane to form a miraculous landing within the Hudson. Had there been four engines mounted the decibel level would are loud enough to scare birds and other fouls farther away in order that what caused those engines failure wouldn’t have happened. Only through the skill and knowledge of the pilot and crew, a tragedy was averted.

This is only one prime example of how the commercial airline industry has cut costs in lieu of public safety. Today, with the ever-increasing demand to stay profit margins steady, and therefore the continuing threat of terrorism the airlines and government have instituted protocols, procedures, rules, regulations, and mandates that the overall public now finds very intimidating and daunting when it comes time to book, board, and travel via air. Also, adding to the present dilemma that the airline industry is faced with is that the growing number of people who are so obese that the traditional size aircraft passenger seats are too small to accommodate those passengers. this is often because airlines have continually revamped commercial jets to incorporate more passenger seats. Another ploy to extend revenue and at an equivalent time decrease passenger safety and luxury. it’s only recently that some airlines have begun the long-overdue replacement of their outdated aircraft. Most airlines still use aircraft that are quite 20 years old. This has got to be a serious safety concern.

Gone are the times when airlines treated all their passengers like guests on a luxury ocean liner; where the amities and repair by the crew were exemplary. Many of the amities like food and beverages were all included also as your luggage within the price of your ticket. What has transpired within the past 30 years may be a complete elimination of the sorts of service that made aviation such a pleasure. Replaced with a bare-bones service one would expect when traveling on a crowded subway car in an hour. Some airlines are going even further in dashing any hope that aviation would once more put the pleasure back in passenger service. they’re now implementing vertical seating {a new terminology} where passengers now book airfare as room only. this suggests that certain airlines now are putting profit to even greater heights before passenger safety and well-being. Imagine a subway car so crowded people are strapped in like sardines during a can. The mere thought of traveling this manner is irrepressible. Sad to mention this is often a reality being offered in some airlines today.

Any time when an industry blatantly puts gain before safety that industry incurs a greater loss and therefore the respect of the overall public. Does BP and therefore the oil disaster within the Gulf sound familiar? What the commercial airline industry has inadvertently done by all those additional fees, continued use of outdated aircraft, lack of amities, and therefore the continuing rising cost of tickets is rendering the commercial aviation industry incapable of being a serious contributor to the economic expansion that’s so crucial for us economic recovery.

In understanding the fear of flying in today’s world one has got to realize that with the constant threat of terrorism [a real imminent threat to anybody who travels no matter the actual mode of transport] the new instituted rules, procedures, and regulations are in situ to assist make us safer. They also help deter those individuals who are bent on rendering devastation and harm to the general public. Still many views these new protocols as intrusive and infringe on our social liberties. a really sad commentary of the planet we sleep in today.

What the commercial aviation industry must do is streamline all those new regulations when boarding and regain the attitude of putting passenger comfort and safety back before profit. That old saying in business “Give the general public what they need at a price they will afford, repeat business rests assured.” This same philosophy has got to apply to the commercial airline industry. Even with the safety measures that are now in situ the fear of flying just could be reduced and more individuals will experience a renewed sense of delight and safety when traveling by air.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.