The Purpose Of A Real Estate Agent: SERVICE

Why do the vast majority of those, either buying or selling a home, opt to hire, a real estate agent, to represent them? Obviously, most sellers seek to receive the highest, possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, with the least hassle and stress. While one can decide, either to hire an agent, or to, attempt to do it himself, a principle, often – overlooked, important reason, to use a professional, is, hiring someone, who will, figuratively, hold your hand, from the initial signing of the listing, to closing, and provide you with an amazing, extraordinary, level of meaningful service. SERVICE, must be, more than a word, or empty rhetoric, and promises, but, rather, a constant focus on the client, and clearly, demonstrating your services have value, and you possess quality values.

1. Strengths; system; solutions: Homeowners benefit, when they hire the right agent, who articulates, genuinely, strengths, and weaknesses. This agent, should discuss his system, reasoning, and what makes sense, When solutions are sought, rather than excessive rhetoric, everyone benefits.

2. Empathy; excellent: The best agent listens carefully and effectively, in order to best create a way, to market the home. Demand your agent seek excellence, rather than good – enough.

3. Relevant; relationship; reasons; responsive: Homes sell, when relevant marketing, etc, is utilized. Real agents develop relationships, so clients and agents, are on the same – page. One must be responsive to questions, inquiries, and other issues, in a focused way. Explain your reasoning, so others, buy – into your plans.

4. Visualize; value: Are you one of the few, who can visualize, what should and could be, rather than being limited by, what is. What value do you, add, to the process?

5. Integrity; imagination: Only hire someone with utmost integrity, and an imagination, which directs him, to properly, effectively, market, and sell your home.

6. Character; clarity; cooperative: You might educate and teach, train, and develop, but one’s true character is, is most important. How clearly does he explain his reasoning? Is his nature, cooperative, and will he attract others, to listen and be, a better agent?

7. Empathy; energy; emphasis: You should hire an agent, who clearly proves, his extraordinary degree of empathy, and consistently, proceeds, with a high level of inspiring, energy. Observe where one places most of his emphasis.

SERVICE, either is, or is lacking. How do you differ from the rest, of the pack.

By Jill Anaya