The RAINS Of Marketing And Selling Homes

One of the major reasons, and advantages of hiring a professional, licensed real estate agent, to represent your home, and you, when you seek, to sell your home, is their degree of knowledge, experience, and expertise, in several, real estate – related issues. This article will focus, on one of the key, relevant ones, which is effectively representing, marketing and selling your house. Most homeowners seek and desire, getting their house sold, at the best possible price, in the shortest, applicable period of time, with the least amount of hassle and/ or stress. With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, the RAINS of marketing and selling homes.

1. Representation: It is the responsibility, morally, ethically, and legally, to serve and represent their clients, to the best of their abilities! How an agent, focuses, his attentions, and whether he places his clients’ interests, first, differentiates the type of agent, a homeowner needs, and deserves, versus, the rest – of – the = pack!

2. Allegiance: When one’s agent emphasizes his responsibility, he realizes, his allegiance, must focus, on doing all he can, to maximize their results, and never disclose anything, which might compromise their best – interests!

3. Integrity: Quality marketing, and representation, begins with absolute integrity, rather than selectively, doing so! It is the responsibility of a real estate professional, to proceed, consistently, focused on what best serves his client’s best interests!

4. Negotiating skill: One of the complexities, which often differentiates between average, and the best results, is an agent’s negotiating skills and abilities. This must begin, with how one welcomes potential buyers, and/ or their agents, and whether he makes them, visualize, how they might enjoy living in this particular house, and making it, their home, of their dreams! When it becomes obvious that your agent, represents you, but does so with integrity, fairness, and in a friendly manner, it creates a positive attitude. Hire an agent who understands the overall market, the local one, and appreciates human nature! Negotiating skill comes from a variety of nuances, considerations, and abilities, as well as focusing on relevant, realistic solutions, and achieving, positive, results. This only occurs, when one’s win – win mindset, is obvious, and compelling!

5. Sales/ selling: The difference between, merely, being, in – sales, versus proactive selling, differentiates a quality real estate agent, from one who merely holds that title! Remember, an agent only does his job, when it results in a sale, and the result, is the best possible one, at that specific point, in time, and in that location!

Hire an agent, who effectively uses, the RAINS of marketing and selling homes! Judge that individual, using the bigger – picture, rather than a simplistic one!

By Jill Anaya