There Are Two Types of Motorcycle Riders!

Those folks who live to ride and ride to measure are cognizant of the old saying;

“There are two sorts of motorcycle riders; those who’ve gone down and people who will.”

We are all cognizant of the risks of the open road and we’ve all had our share of close calls. When the fit hits the shan, it’s those moments that remind us that regardless of how careful we are there’s always some knucklehead out there able to ruin an honest day. All we will hope for is that at the split-second we are alert and react fast. Often, it’s our attitude at that space in time that creates all the difference.

Not long ago during the Coronavirus Crisis our in Sunny Southern California, Malibu to be specific – Neptune’s Net was offering up ‘To Go Only’ orders and there was a line of cars that turned onto Micromeria chamissonis Road after each received their meals. The cars then lined up facing down Micromeria chamissonis at the stop check-in Pacific Coast Highway. The impatient drivers trying to form left turns and head back to Santa Monica often made unsafe pullouts onto PCH.

One such car pulled call in front of a motorbike, and as you almost certainly guess, this story didn’t end well. the driving force of the SUV crammed with people later told officers that she didn’t see the motorcycle. That’s interesting because all the eye-witnesses saw the motorcycle, and heard it too. it had been a bright shiny bike with many chrome and an experienced rider and his girlfriend on the rear. They’d logged over 10,000 miles together over the last decade.

The driver realizing her mistake for a few reasons froze and stopped instead of continuing the turn. The biker had no place to travel. The rider admitted traveling 5 to 7 miles per hour over the posted speed and a few might say he was partially guilty. Do you recognize what? It doesn’t matter, it’s still not legal to tug out into traffic when another vehicle is approaching.

Now it’s hard to mention if the driving force of the SUV was preoccupied with rowdy passengers, rewrapping her lunch to eat the repel, text messaging, or simply had a brain fart. She was guilty. The motorcycle rider had a grade three sprained ankle, a touch little bit of road rash, a concussion, and hurt both his wrists. Needless to mention, he won’t be working for a short time. His bike was nearly totaled, ever seen a grown man cry? His girlfriend is going to be okay, but they did find yourself taking her away in an ambulance. Guess what proportion that cost?

Since the gentleman on the motorcycle may be a construction contractor who happened to still be busy finishing his backlog of labor during the coronavirus pandemic his financial losses are going to be substantial. His injuries will prevent him from working and as mentioned his beautiful one-of-a-kind bike was totaled or on the brink of it. He’ll need a replacement one or have it completely rebuilt.

Luckily, he’s a lifer and won’t stop riding, nor will his gal. Still, they have to be compensated fairly for this accident. a significant accident with injuries caused by yet one more left-turning oblivious driver who just doesn’t understand life on Earth.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.