Things You Deserve From Your Real Estate AGENT

Whether you are a homeowner, who has decided, to sell his home, and relocate, or a potential, qualified, buyer, who is ready, to look at houses, with the desire to discover, and find, a home, of one’s own, it’s important, to decide, whether you are going to try to do so, on your own, or use the expertise, experience, and assistance, of a professional, real estate AGENT. Some believe, they will do better, by themselves, but statistics indicate, in the vast majority of instances, For Sale By Owner (known as FSBO), generally, net less, even after paying commissions, and find the process, far more stressful, tense, and challenging. With that in mind, this article will briefly examine and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why you might benefit, from choosing the right agent, for you, and some of the things, you should expect, and deserve, from the individual you hire.

1. Attention; attitude; aptitude; articulate: Your primary focus should be based on hiring someone, who pays keen attention, to you, your needs, and how to provide the most, relevant value, to you! A positive, can – do, attitude, provides meaningful benefits, focus, and eases the transaction period! When this is combined, with a well – developed, aptitude, combined with someone, who has the ability to clearly articulate, one’s message, in an inspiring, motivating manner, the client benefits!

2. Guarantees; generate interest; guardian: A client deserves to hire someone, who will keep his promises, and guarantees, the services he promises! This doesn’t mean, obtaining a particular price, or how long, it might take, but rather, guaranteeing, he will do, all he can do, in your best interests. I often provide, my, RICH IDEAS, 22 – point guarantee, which guarantees, what I say, and do, will align, directly! A quality agent must be the guardian, who protects, his client’s best interests!

3. Empathy; energy; emphasis; evaluate; excellence: Your agent should listen thoroughly and effectively to you, and proceed, with genuine empathy! He should provide the highest level of personal energy, which comforts and inspires you, while attracting others, to maximize their interest, in your property! His emphasis, must be, on getting it done! He must carefully, evaluate, and explain the strengths and weaknesses, rather than making empty promises. One needs representation from an individual, who proceeds with excellence, rather than merely, accepting, good – enough!

4. Needs; nuance; niche: You deserve for your needs, to be the priority and focus. Every home has certain nuances, and quality agents, position their listings, to take advantage of the niche market!

5. Time – tested; truth; timely: Clients deserve to be told the truth, and to be represented by someone, who combines a quality imagination, and meaningful, relevant planning, with using time – tested approaches, etc. Procrastination never serve anyone’s true interests, and an agent must provide, well – considered, timely actions!

Consider these basic necessities, of what you deserve from your real estate AGENT. Since, for most, their house represents, their single, largest financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to pay attention to these?

By Jill Anaya