Think of Life Insurance This International Day of Families

The family is one of our most important social structures, a fact recognised by the United Nations General Assembly who proclaimed May 15th International Day of Families in 1993. One of the key roles of the family is to nurture and support its children until they are old enough to look after themselves. Sadly many parents do not realise that they cannot ensure that their children are always provided for, no matter what happens, without the protection of a life insurance company

Most of us look back on our childhood with a fond smile. Memories of Christmas day spent with friends and families, wrapping up warmly to go to school on winter mornings, weekend treats and favourites meals. For children the family is our shelter, our support and our protection. It is the safety net we need as we develop and grow and learn the skills we need to grow into mature adults.

As a parent most of your time is dedicated to ensuring that your children have the safety net they need. The good schools and teachers, the healthy food, the exercise, the safe house, the warm jersey in winter and the holiday they deserve after a long year at school. You spend time teaching them right from wrong, the importance of self-discipline, kindness and honesty. Your children are your life.

But what of your death? Who would provide that safety net for your children if you passed away before your time, before you were able to teach them all they needed to know to grow into the adults you want them to be? Would your partner, on his or her salary alone, be able to provide for your family?

If you are asking these questions about your family’s future then you need the protection of a life insurance company. In the event of your death your family will be able to claim against your life insurance policy. Should their claim be successful, they will receive your benefit amount as a lump sum pay out, funds that can be used by your spouse or partner to replace the income you earned and look after your family, as you would have wanted them to be cared for.
By Michael Garcia