Timeshares: Don’t Get Ripped Off

Do you either own a timeshare, thinking of selling it, or maybe buying timeshares? This is a real tough market, and although timeshares sound appealing there are too many things for you to go in blindly for the so called opportunity that is knocking at your door. Here are some things timeshares you should know to avoid getting ripped off.

At the beginning timeshares revolved around vacation resorts, but now they go from cars, to apartments and clubs. You can get a timeshare on almost anything; the fact that it sounds appealing is the main cause why people get constantly ripped off. Amongst the things you need to be on a lookout for are the sweet talking timeshare companies that will do just about anything to sign you, one of the most common tactics is to offer you a free vacation.

To avoid being ripped off, be sure to read the fine print – that is the first rule when dealing with timeshares.

Be sure to check out the loan interest rates of the timeshare you plan to buy. If the price sounds too good to be true there must be a reason why.

When you check the fine print, be sure to check for the price of maintenance fee. As a part owner of the resort or any other form of timeshare, you have to pay the partial sum of the maintenance fee. In some cases that fee is ridiculously high and it keeps increasing each year.

There is an option called timeshare exchange. Exchange is when you want to go to another resort and for a change of scenery. The cost of such a service should be more than $100, so be sure to check the price, as some companies will try to rip you off with that as well.

The next thing you need to consider before you buy a timeshare is the fact that they are almost impossible to sell. Their value doesn’t increase over the years, so they don’t make a much of investment.

Getting a timeshare can bring you some hard times, think through your decision and be sure to investigate every angle of the timeshare offered – and the company that is offering it. Also, always think ahead; investigate the possibilities of selling a timeshare, because if you don’t do that, you might get stuck with it for a long time even though you don’t want it.


By Larry Wilson