Tips For Making a Good Video Ad

You’ve probably heard that banner advertising is dead. Everything today is about rich media. Advertisers are competing with a lot of other content on the webpage. How do you grab your customer’s attention?

Why not give video advertising a try? Too expensive you might think, or you really don’t know where to begin. A little searching on the Internet will provide many options, from photographers and videographers who can, for a little or a lot of money, shoot a video for you. You can also “do it yourself”. Just grab a camera, do a little planning and put your own video together.

If you choose to do it yourself, here are a few tips.

1) Keep it short. No more than 30-45 seconds.
2) Make sure your ad includes a “call to action.” Be sure to include a coupon, a special offer, a link to your product catalog.
3) Don’t forget your contact information, like your e-mail address, your website, your phone number. Some on-line video editors allow you to add a map to your location. Take advantage of this if you can. After all, you have made a great video, now you need to tell people how to find you.
4) Be sure to include people in your video. You lend credibility to your business by including yourself, your employees and your customers in your video. Be Diverse and Selective to let your audience see people like themselves.
5) Combine both videos and still images in your video. Use Vendor-provided photos and video and mix them with your own content to add interest.
6) Be sure to include a list of brands you represent or a copy of your menu if you are a restaurant.
7) Make sure you give some thought to your “keywords.” They help people to find your ad. Make sure ou include your street address, your zip code, your town name, brands you carry etc. Experiment a little bit. If your key words are not working, try some new ones. You can change them whenever you like.
8) Use your video for Direct Marketing in e-Mails, Mobile Text Messages, on Facebook pages, Tweets and on Craigslist and other Free Classified sites.

By Scott Gates