Tips to Make Your House a Home

Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly how to make your house feel homely. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how you can make your house a home.

Bring the Green Indoors:

Having elements of nature in your home is a great way to make a space feel warm, inviting and calming space. The vibrancy of the colour green, in addition to the fact it represents freshness and nature is a great way to make your house a home. Whether you incorporate a whole plant in your house, or simply add some fresh flowers to an upcycled jar as a centerpiece, you can make the room feel more homely and have a sense of freshness. Plants are also a great way to purify the air in the room.

Add Art to Your Home:

If you want to make your house homely, it’s a good idea to add some art to the walls. Your walls are probably crying for some personality to be added to them, so why not add some art to the wall? You can add custom paintings to your house which will make the space seem personalised.

Find the Right Lighting:

Lighting plays a huge role in the way our houses feel. It may not seem that important, but the lighting you choose in your home can really make or break a space. If you have dull, cold lighting this can make the space seem dingy and smaller than it actually is. It’s a good idea to incorporate warm light into your home to make the space feel so homely. Add floor lamps and table lamps, and you could include LED lights across the floor to make the space illuminate in different colours. 

Add a Personalised Corner:

Our houses can’t look perfect all the time, and eventually they will have to look somewhat ‘lived in’. Therefore, adding a personalised corner, where you can display your journals, family pictures or even just have a comfortable chair is a great way to make your property seem homely while also incorporating a space which can be personal to you in the home.

Add Some Colour to Your Home:

Although right now neutral colour schemes are in fashion in our homes, adding colour to the home is a great way to not only add your artistic side to your home, but also make the space seem more homely. By adding colour, you can brighten the space, and bring a lot of charm to the property while also still working and utilising a contemporary look that has a crisp colour palette. If you’re not willing to commit to large chunks of colour in your home, such as a stand-out wall, then you can start by adding perhaps textured cushions or a funky rug to your home.

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By Amber