Tithing isn’t about giving money over to others

Tithing isn't about giving money over to others

Many are led into believing that tithing is giving over one tenth of our earnings — of accumulated wealth — unto some church or religion. this is often totally not true. The Bible’s meaning of tithing is way from giving money over to others during this way.

As clarified earlier, ‘church’ means mind/body. during this context, the word ‘tithe’ has been hugely misinterpreted, presented solely to mean, giving to a physical ‘church’.

Many also use ‘tithe’ and ‘ten percent’ within the same sentence, as two separate actions. The word ‘tithe’ is Hebraic for ‘tenth’ or one-tenth. Thus we cannot say we’re tithing one-tenth of something. Being one and therefore the same, grammatically speaking, this makes no sense whatsoever.

Tithing, as presented in scripture, is completely not about giving money, goats, grain or physical land over to anyone. there’s no ‘commandment’ to the present effect. Framing it otherwise may be a man-made concept.

So, what’s scriptural tithing?

The Bible, as mentioned, is primarily about the science of mind — guidance on the way to maximize the mental faculties to their highest potential both spiritually and morally. to the present outcome – while allegorically presented — it deals with the mixing of subconscious reactive thought patterns, the ‘veil’, the reclamation of dormant consciousness thereby encounter the submerged potential of our Being, biblically mentioned as entering the promised land.

Due to this suppressed psychological state, man is claimed to use only a fraction of his full mental/creative potential. This fraction of ‘usable’ mind is known to be near one tenth thus leaving a valuable resource of ninety percent of consciousness untapped, thereby undeveloped.

At practical level, this controlling tenth dynamic ensures the opposite nine-tenths of consciousness potential remaining submerged and out of spiritual commission — thus conscious awareness is thru the inherited subconscious patterns.

‘Tithing’ may be a coded expression for surrender of this ‘in use’ tenth: surrender of the mental processes assimilating the subconscious content under law.

Thus, to expand the conscious capacity of mind — eliminate subconscious content — we must surrender or tithe the controlling subconscious mind-sets and thought patterns held in situ by deep residual stress. Tithing thus at another level is additionally surrendering of stress — the fruits of the lower intellect — to God, in silence meditation.

Surrendering the tenth is symbolic of gaining 0 – completeness — of multiplying 10 to realize 100 thus triggering the law of multiplication. In other words, by surrendering the conscious 10% portion of mind, it increases 100 fold to 100%, thereby expansion of consciousness and full brain.

So, whether we are saying 10 or one tenth, doesn’t really matter, for both attract 0: both make one tenth into 10, or 10 into 100 [percent] meaning the fully integrated soul.







By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.