Top 4 Ways for Better and Cheaper Landlord Insurance

I have explained 4 top ways, which landlords can secure better, and cheaper landlord insurance and find the policy they need for their business. Have a look and take it in landlords.

1. Only use what you need and don’t take extra cover.

There are a few extra policy types you can include in your policy; some of these are just not necessary to the individual landlord.

Cover includes:

  • Loss of rent protection that covers the rent while it sitting doing nothing
  • Contents only protection to insure the value of the let property contents
  • Buildings protection for subsidence and structural damages
  • Liability insurance for the public and your employees
  • Emergency repair insurance for pipe work and boilers

Try and do without some of these extra benefit and you will save some money on your policy. Some folk need contents only cover and some folk take out just buildings insurance. It’s up to you to decide what you do without.

2. Use tenants that work full-time and not housing benefit tenants.

Tenant that claim benefits can cause more problems than it’s worth. These problems can be solved but it could take a while to sort them out and you must involve yourself if this happens. Sorting out their housing benefit can take some time, while you have a mortgage outstanding.

It is better to take tenants on who are working because you get your money sorted quicker and you can charge a bit extra every month for their rent. To charge a bit extra, just kit the place out with good furniture and keep the place nice a fault free.

And remember to take out a good policy on that selected property too.

3. Choose the same insurer for multiple properties?

If you have more than one property, it can be a good benefit to take a policy out with the same insurance provider, unless you can find better deals individually and most times you can. Taking your policies out the same company does have it one great benefit, and this is that, once they have you, they’ll try their best to keep you, and offer you brilliant money off policies.

It also keeps everything simple for you too.

4. Take emergency assistance insurance for added protection.

Emergency insurance can save you loads of hassle as a landlord because the word emergency is a landlord’s nightmarish golden word. Windows breaking, central heating breaking down, pipe freezing up and utilities failing are not something to be taken lightly and insurance is a must to cover this.
By Michael Garcia