Tress Stress: Alternative Hair Loss Treatments

The growing concern and the increased number of studies made to prevent or treat hair loss has urged different companies to come up with solutions to these problems in the form of different chemicals, creams, and procedures, which yield less to no benefits at all. Research has proved that it is best to stick to natural ways of hair loss treatment, since they are less costly and provide optimum results than artificial products.

Before anything else, one must try to pinpoint the cause of the hair loss to be able to treat it properly. Many causes have been named for increased hair fall: vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues, and hormonal changes like menopause (for women) have been found to be some of the culprits. However, some are born with genetically triggered hair loss problems that may need medical intervention. Tip: treating the primary cause of the hair fall, if possible, will help your hair treat itself and regenerate.

Avoid tress-stress! Here are a few natural hair loss treatment suggestions you may try:

Eat Well – Maintain a Proper, Balanced Diet

Diet not only affects our health, but also our hair growth and development. Poor diet leads to poor hair conditions. Not sure what type of food to eat for healthy hair? Doctors recommend an ample amount of protein in your diet. Protein is essential as it helps promote hair growth and strengthens it. Make sure that you include at least three ounces of meat, or perhaps a four to five servings of dairy a day to fill your daily protein needs.

Omega-3 fatty acids help a lot as well. Omega-3 helps lower inflammation, therefore creating a healthier scalp. Include servings of fish, eggs, nuts, or seeds in your diet.

Don’t just limit yourself to Protein and Omega-3 based foods: include a variety of other foods every meal, at least six to 10 servings of various foods in a day, including fruits, grains, and lean meat.

Load up on Nutrients

A few nutrients may also help in hair loss treatment. Anemia, for example, can cause hair loss, so it is best to include enough iron in your system. Aside from iron, remember to fill in on zinc and biotin as well, as these nutrients are as essential to promote hair growth, not to mention healthier nails and less brittle hair.

Check Your Supplements

Check your supplements for possible contaminants or ingredients that may affect hair growth. Although most of the supplements nowadays may be bought over the counter, it is still best to consult your doctor before taking in any medication.

Care for Hair

Too much styling affects the growth and the quality of your hair, and may lead to excess hair fall. Avoid excessive usage of rubber bands, straightening irons and curling wands, as well as dyes and perms. Give your hair time to breathe. When washing your hair, its best to be gentle and massage your scalp. Instead, you might want to cut your hair short (especially for women) so that your hair doesn’t look thinner. Parting it on the side also helps, as well as the usage of temporary hair extensions.
By Edward