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Truxapp started with a passion to fix The Global Trucking Industry. It was planted in January 2015 by a group of passionate, like-willing people from different specialties to change the topography of the Global Road Freight System.

We’re experts in road freight transport and logistics, SCV to HCV, Intercity to Intracity, Long Haul to Last Mile Delivery-We’ve everything Covered!
. With the help of Technology, we feed world-class support from the dawn to the end. We’re firm religionists in technology and we keep founding and developing tools for every possible client need, be it freight real-time dogging, freight security, vehicle promptitude, customized reporting, and real-time admonitions, to name many.

We reduce the about-turn time significantly along with maximizing savings on costs and help. We also have the capability to automate your dispatch with API integration & feed the vehicles, at an agreed about-turn time.

Our brief is to change the geography of the Global Road Freight System-Better Organized, Better Yields, Technology Driven, our design is to employ every single corporate vehicle standing idle or returning empty on the rearward haul. This is the need of the hour for every corporate vehicle transporter/ automobilist, sitting at the bottom of a bank. The transporter/ automobilist is competent to use our technology tools for maximizing their earnings and being more productive in a considerably busted sector.

OUR Oath

  • Delivering the loftiest quality of transportation services
  • Investing in our hands, and helping them grow
    .- Being sensible & concerned about the environmental issues
  • Motorist & Jobholder Safety as the top right-of-way
  • Investing in technology advancements
    -Working towards the topmost industriousness morals

Truxapp Partner is the place where demand meets pool. Truxapp Partner platform helps you unravel the following major problems

Possessor has low yield per vehicle because of limited access to acquire new guests

The possessor is generally skeptical about after haul

Possessor has no access to vehicle running data and payment history

Possessor has really lower control over motorist’s movement, we give free GPS tracking with every vehicle you attach with us
.This app enables vehicle proprietors, transporters, and brokers to view the available loading all over India. Druggie can add their working lanes with vehicle types and mention the vacuity of vehicles as well, this helps us to get target following only. There’s also an option of spot bidding where druggies can post stab requests against available stab options and if their stab value is the slightest, they get the order to house the vehicle. Druggie can also add their vehicle reservoir, view reports like vehicle running reports and payment ledge, etc.


By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.