Valuable And Non-Surgical Ways To Enhance Your Hair

One of the most popular ways to boost hair length is through the use of clip-in hair extensions. Manufactured using good quality, silky 100% human hair, this product offers wearers unprecedented styling versatility. Normally supplied in four strips or ‘wefts’ of different lengths, clip-in extensions can be applied in a matter of minutes – at home or on the go. Furthermore, they do not need to be professionally applied – although it is advisable that an experienced consultant guides you through the first application. The wefts should be fitted from the base of the neck – using the shortest weft – working upwards to the top of the ear, leaving 1.5 inches between each weft. Tiny clips are sewn into the top of each weft and are normally very discreet or concealed. It should be noted that clip in extensions are best used for adding length to existing, strong, natural hair. Natural hair should also be evenly distributed across the scalp.

If you would like a more permanent, cosmetic boost to your hair length, you could also opt for bonded real hair extensions. This involves using heated glue to fuse extensions to your natural hair and results last for several months. The stress on the follicles is quite considerable however and again, natural hair should be strong and evenly distributed on the scalp. Unfortunately clip-in extensions and real hair extensions are not suitable if you are experiencing hair loss at the crown. However, there is an incredibly effective non-surgical way to overcome hair loss and it involves a painless procedure called Hair Integration.

Hair Integration is a relatively new phenomenon that enhances hair without the use of surgery or the need for a full coverage wig. The process begins by the design of a custom-made hairpiece for the top of the head. This is converted into a piece of ultra-fine mesh, onto which colour-matched, luxury real hair is attached. The piece is secured to the scalp and natural hair is then threaded through and blended with the integration hair. The result is a fuller head of hair. Not only is the appearance of hair boosted – but wearers also report a boost in confidence and self-esteem. Hair Integration doesn’t feel like a wig, physically or psychologically.

Other ways to enhance your hair include partial or three-quarter hair pieces that are fitted like a hairband, slightly back from the hairline. Nowadays, full coverage wigs are available in ready-to-wear and up-to-date styles, either in real hair or silky fibre hair, in a myriad of colours. Wigs can also be custom-made, coloured and styled to suit your specific needs. These are often created using real hair and offer unparalleled fit and comfort.
By Edward