Video Conference System integration

The Nexgen IT Solutions and Services a team of specialists provides system integration services within the field of conference equipment and AV solutions for meeting rooms. We have many projects of system integration of varying complexity, including the organization of conference rooms for the govt of the Chennai Regionand many other organizations within the areas of public administration, business, industry, medicine and education.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve implemented quite 500 installations of varied directions and scales. Our range of services includes:

Design and equipping of conference rooms, meeting rooms, control rooms and situational centers

Re-equipment of meeting rooms within the studio for video communication and online performances

Implementation of projects within the field of telemedicine

Organization of distance learning for universities and schools, also as remote work for organizations of all kinds Each of the system integration services is performed on a private basis consistent with the customer’s requirements and with knowledgeable selection of solutions which will allow you to preserve your previous investments in IT infrastructure.

The use of recent video conference equipment will increase the involvement of participants during negotiations, also as provide time savings for your employees and partners, allowing you to conduct video meetings with the effect of “live” presence and without the necessity for business trips.

Turnkey projects

Our company provides comprehensive system integration services in several areas:

conference rooms . As a part of the service, we make sure the implementation of all stages of equipping a room , including consultation, design, selection and provide of kit with subsequent installation, connection, configuration, testing and automation of control.

Automation of meeting rooms . to form your meeting rooms “smart” and cozy , we install systems for centralized device management, use room reservation systems, also as solutions for auto-pointing cameras at speakers, wireless content transfer and far more.

Acoustic modeling of premises . By selecting a private set of audio equipment, using special finishing materials and acoustic structures, we help to avoid unwanted noise in meeting rooms and fully reveal all the chances of recent sound systems.

Smart system integration altogether areas

Taking under consideration the experience of implemented projects in various industries, we provide professional system integration services for nearly all areas of activity:

Telemedicine . the utilization of telemedicine equipment and modern video communication technologies within the work of clinics and centers makes it possible to competently distribute the workload of doctors, organize remote examinations of patients and broadcast operations, remotely consult specialists, conduct urgent consultations and far more.

Dispatch and situational centers . To efficiently process incoming information and supply the required assistance without delays and interference, we equip the centers with videoconferencing solutions for holding meetings between remote participants, means of collecting, storing and transmitting data, also as a posh of visualization tools, the most elements of which are the most screen and auxiliary user displays …

Educational institutions . Equipping classrooms and classrooms with AV equipment and video communication allows you to arrange remote training, webinars, video lectures and exams for an outsized number of participants. and therefore the use of recent interactive whiteboards helps teachers increase the interest and involvement of scholars within the educational process.

Videoconferencing systems for the hotel business on a turnkey basis . Our experts turn large conference venues into comfortable studios for online events and video webinars. this enables hotels to supply demanded services for the supply of full-fledged videoconferencing studios, in order that the customer can receive a turnkey solution for remote speaking without the necessity to resolve technical organizational issues.


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