Vision Without Glasses Review, Does it Really Help Improve Your Vision? The Absolute Truth Exposed!

So you want to improve your vision and see without glasses and want to find out whether vision without glasses works?

Well, I have the answer with me. I’ll share it with you in a minute… but before that, here is my story.

I am 17. I have had a vision defect known as Myopia or short sightedness for over three years now. My vision has been slowly depreciating. I’m a good looking guy but whenever I wore glasses I would look ugly. I really wanted to stop wearing glasses. The power was about 3.00.

I have a hard time wearing glasses and contacts… Long story short, I stumbled upon vision without glasses when a cousin recommended.

I must say, it does seem to work for me!

Now, here is a cool tactic I learned inside the vision without glasses program!

– Whatever the eye condition is (myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism); all of it is caused due to strain of the eyes. Dr. Bates who created this method back in the 19th century tells that he made a test experiment with a few dogs and caused myopia in them by straining their vision.

I sure didn’t know that!

But the real reason behind the strain is the strain of the mind. Strain to see is due to strain of the mind. Mental stress is mainly caused due to worries.

It is quite true. As civilization advances, mankind begins to worry more and more.

Well, I’m pretty much a cool all-rounder back in school. I study, play football, fight krav maga and do a part-time job (coz my parents don’t earn that much). So all of this adds up to excessive strain.

So, without getting into some new-age bullshit, let me be straight forward.

Your vision can be improved by being in the moment and practicing simple eye exercises to relax your mind and your eyes. There are tons of exercises which you can do to improve your vision.

Let me share one exercise with you…

Palming – Rub your palms for about twenty seconds. Now place your palms over your closed eyelids. Place your palm over your eye lids for about four minutes.

So if you can do the exercises right and keep your stress in check, you will be able to see clearly and enjoy healthy natural vision!

By Amber