Weight Loss Exercises in One Week

Accessing healthy weight is often difficult for a few, the entire of their dependence on diets, without exercise, which is taken into account the simplest and fastest thanks to reducing, it helps you burn fat the body, tight, to realize the specified weight without astral your skin, which most of these that suffer lose high weight through diet, so if your goal to reduce during a healthy way, we’ve come to the proper Article, we’ll mention weight loss exercises that you simply can do reception.

**Weight Loss Exercises:

If you would like to exercise to reduce, but you’ll not afford to travel to the sports club or are ashamed of exercising ahead of individuals, don’t despair that you simply can practice alone to the House.

  • Exercise 1:

You will need this exercise for lightweights, to face up, spacing between your feet touch, and hold weights together with your hands and Arfhma above your head, then down a touch little bit of your body together with your knees folded, and down between your hands to cross your chest at an equivalent time, and confine this position for a couple of seconds, then return to the previous position and prepare the ball fifteen times.

  • Exercise 2:

Support and hold a light-weight with the left, then lift the leg from the rear with bend the rear forward, to become the rear horizontally straight and parallel to the bottom and grabbed a chair to prove yourself with the proper hand and you’re left down and lift it up, and continued Bhdh movements for twenty seconds, Then put the ball in your hands.

  • Exercise 3:

Stand upright and lift your left leg abreast of a chair, and carry light weights with both hands, then lift the Bassaqk right back to the chair with the load concentration on the left leg, and lift weights together with your hands up. to your shoulders at an equivalent time, and ready the ball fifteen times, then restart the ball with Change Legs.

  • Exercise 4:

Lie on your stomach, with the lifting of your body slightly bend your arms and bend your toes inward, then lift your hips with pulling the belly button inwards, to require the form of your body eight and hold during this position for ten seconds, then return to the state of the start, and ready the ball five-ten times.

  • Exercise 5:

Lie on your back, boat between your legs, then at the highest of Arfhma together to urge almost to the stomach, then able to land with the spacing between them, then a ship between them and ready the ball fifteen times.







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