What a friendship is Predicated on

What a friendship is Predicated on

Every loved one. Every neighbor. Every coworker. Every stranger. Everyone may be a potential friend. Every friendship features a basis on which it sits and rests. it’s important to understand what a friendship is predicated on. Friendship is often supported by affinity, personality, a common bond, need or interest.

In an affinity-based friendship, two friends just take a natural liking or attraction to every other. they only seem to click. it is a chemistry thing. This tends to lean towards romantic involvement, though it’s going to develop between two people that may never drag romance into it. Affinity friends don’t need to be alike. In fact, they’ll actually be opposites, but as we all know from magnetic poles, opposites can and do attract.

In a personality-based friendship, two individuals become friends because they’re similar; they’ll both be reserved (introvert), outgoing (extrovert), or mediocre (average) for that matter. Or politically, they’ll be conservative, liberal or moderate in their views. they’ll both be secular, progressive, religious or traditional.
Common-bond friendship is one between persons of an identical ethnicity (two Hispanics), religion (two Muslims), church (two Baptists), nationality (two Chinese), team (two Celtics fans) or life experience (two refugees). Yes, birds of like feather do flock together.

In a need-based friendship, two persons came together because one among them had a requirement that the opposite helped meet. for instance, you become friends with the one that purchased you’re occupying a motel once you lost your job or once you just got of jail. Need-based friendships are often an uncomfortable union of unequal unless something happens for the 2 friends to modify roles, whereby the one who had received help before becomes the helper during a situation that puts the first helper at some extent of need. for instance, the guy who paid his friend’s motel bill gets evicted by his landlord and has got to lodge together with his friend who now owns an apartment. due to the usually one-sided nature of need-based friendship, it’s often not a simultaneously enjoyable experience for both friends. Therefore, this type of friendship is usually short-lived, if the “needy” and therefore the “savior” doesn’t switch hats throughout the connection.

Interest-based friendship is one during which two friends share a standard interest, which can be sports, music, career path, books, movies, travel, etc. this type of friendship is probably going to terminate if one person replaces the interest that formed the idea of the connection. for instance, if you and that I became friends primarily because we were members of an equivalent band, our friendship may bite the dust if our band disbands. Interest-based friendship runs the danger of being very superficial, though it can become deep and meaningful if the parties put within the effort needed to stay it interesting.

By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.