What Are The New Features In Office 2016 Professional Suite?

Microsoft has released Office 2016 productivity suite for businesses, students, colleges, individuals, and schools. it’s an improved version of the previous version of Office 2013. you’ll ask why I can purchase Office 2016.It is mobile friendly and cloud-based office suite to satisfy all of your computing, data processing , presentation, and database needs.

Microsoft office 2016 professional plus allows collaboration in real-time. It allows Managers and administrators to watch the activities of co-conspirators during a PowerPoint presentation or word document. regardless of wherever you’re or which device you’re using. it’s easy and quick.

Sharing of OneNote notebook
Office 2016 professional plusallows professionals such as you to share your OneNote notebook with several people in your organization or other networks of interest. It allows working with emails, worksheets, images, text, or the other document. Therefore, it’s highly useful for teams performing on projects.

Office 2016 office suite allows adding a share button in your office apps at the proper upper corner and thus simplifies sharing of documents. you would like to only click on the share button to offer access to your documents to your colleagues or anyone in your address book. you’ll share the documents without leaving the document. it’s one among the simplest features in Microsoft office 2016 professional plus suite.

Simplified email sending
If you’re one among the professionals who attaches several documents to an email and sends several emails daily, office 2019 Macsimplifies your task. within the previous versions of Office, you would like to pick the specified location where the document is stored to connect the document to your email. within the latest Office edition, the list of shareable documents is automatically shown in your Outlook.

It removes the clutter of your Outlook. within the previous version of Outlook, you would like to offer priority to big emails. It consumes tons of your time and lowers your productivity. a replacement feature called Clutter is added in Office 2016 professional plus. you’ll assign low priority to certain emails using this tool. It applies automatically to similar emails within the future and saves your valuable time. Therefore, you’ll have four folders namely –important, junk, clutter, and delete in your Outlook app.

Keeps track of the previous history
Your documents are frequently updated with the newest information. If at any time, you would like a previous version of your document, office 2016 ensures the supply of your old document for urgent reference. you would like to click on the history section of your office suite under the File section.

Office 2019 Mac and Windows editions introduced in 2018 provide the subsequent benefits:

Scalable vector graphics for PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
You can navigate the slides employing a surface pen in PowerPoint
Allows creation of smooth animations
Microsoft translator in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word
PowerPoint features a new Zoom feature

Exciting new features in Excel 2019
Office 2019 suite for Windows and Mac added six new functions like SWITCH, MINIFS, MAXIFS, IFS, CONCAT, and TEXTJOIN. The Textjoin feature allows combining text from several ranges. of these features allow you to enhance your productivity. you’ll download Office 2016 and 2019 suites and buy product keys at discount rates from genuine websites and, install on your Mac or Windows PCs and activate them for your organization.



By Mk Faizi

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