What can you buy at an auction?

You can buy anything at an auction, but it is important to know the detailed list of products that will be offered for sale. As a result, you will know exactly if one or more objects are likely to interest you as well as their starting price. Indeed, for each item offered for sale, the starting price will be displayed which will allow you to have an idea of ​​its estimate and, thus, to set a maximum amount not to be exceeded if you wish to acquire it. In addition, at least one day before the auction start date, the various products will be displayed to the public so that potential buyers can see them. As a result, you will be able to look scrupulously at every detail but also ask for some information from the auctioneer who will be responsible for this sale.

Can you buy a vehicle at an auction?

Yes, auctions regularly offer new or used cars which often come from foreclosures, or from the public service. During auctions, the State may decide to get rid of old models of company vehicles in order to acquire newer ones. It is, therefore, possible to buy vehicles with low mileage at a low price; but unfortunately, the choice of colors and options is very limited

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